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  • Just saw that vid where Guthrie answers questions from "the players". Was a nice surprise seeing your name and question pop up, man. Awesome Guthrie and his awesome answers.
    ArtDecade - He emailed me back in feb '10 asking me to help arrange and play guitar on his album. I don't know what gear he uses, but I think he posted a photo of his rig on his Facebook page a while ago.

    Opeth21 - thanks a lot! 15" quad-core i7 Macbook Pro, Focusrite Saffire interface, Cubase 6. I really like Sonnox and Stillwell plugins and use them a lot.
    How did you end up playing with Marty? Also, he is notorious for saying that he doesn't pay attention to gear. What was he using in the studio? I'd love to know what effects he tinkered with as well! Thanks..
    Keshav, I love the tunes bud \m/

    I was wondering if you could give me a rundown of your recording setup/gear?
    Also any plugins you would strongly recommend and whatnot. Im curious as to what you use.

    Cheers :D
    hey man i could do that but it won't really be of any use since i do all the processing from my daw and nothing at all in the s2.0 mixer :( let me know if you still want it though ill put it up.
    Great to see you here! Now we have Zorran and Keshav representing India (and NZ, but whatever :D )
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