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  • Went to Sounds Great, tried a Caparison Dellinger 7 (overrated it seems, I so wanted it to be an amazing guitar but it felt no better than mine which are a third of the price), and a Diezel Herbert (great amp, however I've heard [and own] better for much less). After that, just visited Failsworth, because it fails horribly :D, got me ear pierced, and then went to Postmortem at night (amazing night, I love it :D)

    The next one I'll try and get for a weekend again so its not too hard for people to get there or get back :)

    Aint been up to a lot since though, just working, and waiting for me finger to heal after I cut into it while preparing food the other day, I keep bleeding on me guitars :(
    Sort of, the meet up didn't happen, so just went into Manc meself. I'll be trying to organise it again for another time though, hopefully have more people this time too :)
    You n00b! If i'm not online when your home ring me or something, wanna know how your 8 is and i have a song idea done.
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