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SS.org Regular, from Tampa,FL

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    1. DeadThrone
      Hey man I've seen you on the forum quite a bit and was wondering what suggestions you might have on swapping pickups on a jpxi 7. Seems like so many people I know end up selling their ebmm loaded with some bkps or they end up switching them out. I really don't wanna let go of this guitar and while I'm not extremely picky I really wanna load this axe with the botique PU's it deserves. I really like the round ("openness"?) of the juggs and Titans. I want to be able to do the coil tapping but as well as get an articulate response out of my pick attack. let me know if you can help me out.
      1. katsumura78
        Wow I never saw this message lol try the pm I think that notifies if we get a message. Not that it helps but the Juggs were my favorite in the XI7. They were perfect honestly.
        Dec 10, 2017
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    EBMM Majesty 7 Majestic Purple
    Jackson HT6 Satin Red
    JP-2C, invective, Port City
    EBMM JPXI 7(Stolen http://www.sevenstring.org/forum/sevenstring-guitars/290749-stolen-jpxi-7-tampa-bay-area-fl.html)
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