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  • depends on what they are looking for. are they looking for the 5 star hotel experience where they will stay in their hotels most of the time? or are they willing to stay in motels or hostels refuse to stay indoors?
    The RG321MH's I've played have been pretty solid 3xx series RGs. Nothing special, but pretty nice.
    If I was in the market for a non-trem 6-string Ibanez I'd definitely track down a used MTM1. Yeah, the inlay is pretty lame, but the specs are just so solid for such a low price when used. I mean, one just went on my local CL a few months ago for $400 with color matched case. The QC on them is really good for an MIK/MII Ibby, almost on par with Prestige. Gotta love the Edge III Fixed bridge too, all the stability and sustain of a trem without it actually being a trem.
    Good luck finding an X-35, man. They're out of production, sadly. I was lucky that there happened to be 3 of them in my area here. They were bought up pretty quickly. I was lucky enough to get one. The one thing you gotta watch for is putting it on a stand without covering the legs it rests on or they'll wear down the finish. They're great guitars. I'd replace the stock pickups in one as soon as you can though.

    I seriously hope you get to at least play one. I love mine to death.
    Hello. The main difference the LTD 1000(deluxe) series and the 300 series is the place in which they are built, I do believe. The deluxe series has a better reputation for high(er) build quality.
    The real great fixed bridge guitars, and trust me Ive owned so many, are LTDMH400NTs and RGA121s. I can only hope you take my advice man
    I will say that it is hard to find a pedal that works well with it. However, the same goes for nearly every modeling amp. The simpler the pedal, the better. It responds well to boosts though which is nice.
    You're gonna think I'm mad...
    I use the UK Modern amp setting.
    Gain: about 10 or 11 o'clock
    Volume: Max
    Treble: 1-2 O'clock
    Mids: 2-3 O'clock
    Bass: between 9 and 12 O'clock depending on what I'm playing
    Reverb: 9 O'clock

    The DigiTech Death metal pedal is POS in and of itself, and is distortion and not overdrive if I'm not mistaken.
    I use a Way Huge Green Rhino Mk. II. It's basically a Tubescreamer with a bass cut/boost control. It also has a "curve" knob which is basically a more subtle Tone control. It kinda changes the focus on High or Low mids and can help cut down on fizz.
    Anyway my settings on that are:
    Level: Max
    Dive: 0
    Tone: varies from 11O'clock all the way to 3 O'clock sometimes depending on what I'm doing with it.
    100Hz (bass): 10 or 11 O'clock
    Curve: either 3 O'clock or 9 O'clock dependent on how I'm feeling that day.
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