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DESU METARU!, Male, 27, from Santiago, Chile

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    1. Jano
    2. OmegaSlayer
      Thanks a lot buddy, really appreciated :D
    3. Alberto7
      Bro, dame esta noche para responderte el PM, que ando un poco ocupado hoy. Ya comence a escribirte, pero ya tu me conoces y sabes como escribo cuando me desahogo y hablo de anime. :rofl: Cuidate!
    4. Don Vito
      Don Vito
      hey yo, we(the anime thread) are watching persona 3 on my twitch page
    5. Chuck
      Of course! I'm always glad to point people towards them :metal:
    6. Drusas
      Awesome! That avatar is actually the tattoo on my back. :evil:
    7. DeKay
      Your thanked post message made my day, I just read it (way to late) you really wake up to it? Oh man this makes me so happy! <3
    8. Kurkkuviipale
      Hye man, I'm not entirely sure why that would happen. Might be that the levels for multi-out and stereo are different by default, which would explain that behavior. In that case the best way to deal with it is to start off the whole project by setting it to multi-out and after that start to tinker with plugins inside SD and all that INSTEAD of working in stereo and going to multi-out after that.

      I would actually suggest not to do anything to the kit until you've set up your multi-out routing. Just makes it a lot clearer when there's nothing happening behind the curtain so to say.

      Tell me if you can work it out, I'll try to see if I can address the problem when I get to my DAW.
    9. Alberto7
      Ooohh pues parece que Chile va por buen camino, por lo menos! Que alguien tenga un Mesa en Venezuela es un concepto que aun no he visto aplicado a la realidad, ni lo veo siendo realidad por mucho tiempo. :lol: Fender y Gibson las he visto, pero muy rara vez.

      Pues la verdad es que, con todos los pesares que me ha traido (pocos no han sido), me siento extremadamente afortunado de, con apenas 23 años, haber tenido la oportunidad de vivir en 3 continentes distintos. El crecimiento personal que uno obtiene a traves de las experiencias y el contacto intimo con otras culturas no tiene precio ni comparacion. Ojala de verdad que tengas la oportunidad de viajar y conocer culturas distintas. Te da un buen sentimiento de lo grande que es el mundo y las distintas formas de pensar de la gente.
    10. Alberto7
      Jaja si que si! :D De hecho, el español es mi lengua materna. :) Soy de Venezuela, y vivi alla hasta mis 15 años. He dado muchas vueltas desde entonces, pero si realice unos estudios en España hace unos años (aunque no dieron muchos frutos... pero eso es otra historia :lol:). Hay mucha gente de todas partes de Latinoamerica alla.

      Es desafortunada la situacion en Latinoamerica. Obviando los problemas sociales y politicos, los musicos no lo tienen facil por alla... no solo hay poca variedad, sino que lo que hay es carisimo, y no suele ser de calidad. Recuerdo cuando llevaba apenas un par de años tocando guitarra, y queria comprarme una Ibanez Gio GRG270DX que habia visto en una tienda de musica... costaba alrededor de $500 - $600. :nuts:

      Como es en Chile??

      PD: disculpa mi falta de tildes y/o errores de ortografia. Mi teclado no tiene tildes ni tiene "ñ." Solo las copio/pego, pero a veces se me olvidan y pongo ; que es donde normalmente estaria la ñ :lol:
    11. b1llz9
      Whatsup dude, thank you! I am working with a band right now actually. Some of those songs will get the full treatment, and i will probably post it up when we finish recording it. Thanks again !!
    12. Zei
      No problem man! Tell me if you record anything with it, so I can hear what you did to it.
    13. Zei
      Haha I gotcha man. I'll PM it to ya, since I don't want others grabbing it :P
    14. Zei
      Yeah, I can upload it for you. I'm making a better version with the new SLO amps if you'd like to hear both and decide which one you'd like better! This new one rings out chords a lot better.
    15. jordanscotisdead
    16. jordanscotisdead
      Yeah, that tab would be awesome man!
    17. soliloquy
      also, if they are booking any travel guides, then try finding some tour that is taking them to the black sea (ONLY AND ONLY if they enjoy water, cruises and amazing wind!). they may take you to a tiny town on the coast of the black sea called poyrazkoy. its not a historically significant place, and not a tourist attraction either. however, it just shows you how big istanbul really is, and also shows you what life is like without tourists.
    18. soliloquy
      well, something with a historical value, then even before they go to places for site seeing, i'd recommend them a travel agent. i can name you a few if you guys like. travel agents will take you places, tell you about what happened where, and whats relevant, along with taking you to food as well.

      but if, for whatever reason, they choose not to go the travel guide route, then the top places to see would be:
      blue mosque
      hagia sophia
      suleymania mosque
      topkapi palace
      sistern chapel
      spice bazaar
      grand bazaar (if they are into shopping, then just go to the shops near the grand bazaar, just on the edges of it. much cheaper, better selection, no one is hassling or harassing you, not as claustrophobic either)

      as for places to stay, i stayed in a section of istanbul called 'tasmik square'. its more of the party district of istanbul. its also a bit cheaper to stay in, and it does support some big hotels as well.
    19. soliloquy
      humm, indoors then i may not be much help. i did more of the 'back packers' trip, so i stayed away from fancy hotels. the most i was spending a night was about 15 euros. so you can imagine :P

      but places to see...what are they into?
    20. soliloquy
      also, i'm adding videos to that thread too
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    Dec 11, 1994 (Age: 27)
    Home Page:
    Santiago, Chile
    Laws Student
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    Ibanez RGD2127FX
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    Emilio Sfeir
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    I love how when someone says they're playing in E, or B on this forum you really have no idea what octave they're talking about lol -Mintberrycrunch ....(´・ω・`) ....

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