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    1. JCSeven
      Hey man, got any tips on doing the head conversion? Did you note any dimensions, did you just saw it off?

      Thanks alot!
      1. KailM
        I built a new box using the internal dimensions of the upper section of the combo. The hardest part was attaching wooden "tabs" in the front and back to attach the rear screen cover and the front logo panel. Actually, I attached the front logo panel to those tabs using Velcro-- that way I can easily get to the preamp tubes without using any tools. It holds quite well.
        Aug 13, 2017
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    2. PunkBillCarson
      Do you know what could be causing a low humming sound from a 6505+ head? It's not very noticeable from a few feet away, but when I'm a couple of feet away, I can hear it. It gets worse as I turn the gain up, so I'm wondering if maybe this is just part of having a high gain amp or maybe I need new tubes? Does it with all guitars/cables, and pedals. Doesn't do it on the clean channel or with very little gain.
    3. KailM
      It could be a lot of different things. Most likely, you're changing the angle of the pick a little bit, allowing it to "catch" on the strings a little more instead of gliding over them smoothly. It could also be your hand is drifting closer to the bridge, which will make your tone twangier. I change my pick angle and where I pick in relation to the bridge depending on what tone I want; and depending on whether I'm tremelo picking chords or just single strings. Hope that helps!
    4. PunkBillCarson
      Hey I have a question. I noticed last night that I have sort of an ice picky kind of sound every few strokes with the pick when tremolo picking. What do you think it could be?
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