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May 31, 2008
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Serial Thriller, from San Diego,CA

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Aug 30, 2018
    1. Blinxdvvl
      Yea, my K-7 is awsome. one of the only floyd rose bridges ive seen that doesn go out of tune..plus the pickups are massive.
    2. Blinxdvvl
      You have the Ibanez 8 huh?..I wanted that but I saw the Agile Intrepids figured they were a better deal. Does it play well?
    3. Vairocarnal
      Hey man, I don't know if you still wanted a copy of our demo but if so I'll send it out assuming I still have/can get an address to ship it to you.
    4. Progmaster X
      Progmaster X
      Hi K7, Progmaster X here, Sorry for the HUGE delay in responce! I had been having some trouble with the board wanting to shut down on me everytime I came here. There must have been some softwhere issues with my computer that was clashing with the board. Thankfully, the issue seems to be fixed now. The car i'm currently driving is a 97 toyota corolla. Not my favorite kind of ride in the least!!! But, it gets me where i'm going I guess. Cheers!

      Progmaster X/Jason
    5. 79er
      Hi from Seville(Spain), the land of flamenco and the most inspiring landscapes(for that stuff, i guess)on Earth. Obviously, this is not the right place to have a seven guitar player's band, and i´m not being pretencious when i say we´re one of a kind band over here. OK, Barcelona is a pretty different history. this is not USA,anyway..
    6. leonardo7
      So what we will do is record a few more songs and have a five song EP, do some small tours and see what happens and what kind of response we get from people. Im sure it will all become quite clear once we start performing live which is something we have yet to do. Weve played for friends and all that but no real gigs yet. I want everything to be perfect first such as our bassist just bought a really nice Mesa rig so Im thinking we are only a month or two away from hitting the scene. We have been friends for years, Ive been playing guitar for 15 years and am ready to take it to the next level of performing. We are all very motivated and plan on doing this forever so working hard is something we will commit to. We have promoters up here in the Bay Area that are ready when we are but might you be able to help or point us in the right direction about getting gigs down there?
    7. leonardo7
      In order to generate confident interest with labels Ive been told that we should perform live first and make an album or short album on our own to see what we can do without label guidance to truly show what we are capable of. We are open to any suggestions and service from anyone willing to provide insight and possible immediate advancement towards having an album on a label that will put forth support so please let me know if you have any once you have heard us live of course, or now. I am really looking forward to driving down to Los Angeles to do some shows and spread the word. Should we make a long album on our own or just a short one? We have so many songs and you know I love playing my Ibanez 7 strings on every single one of them.
    8. leonardo7
      Hey, Thank you for the kind words. We will no doubt be playing in the Los Angeles area. You can count on it. I will be in touch with you. Which venues should we try and play first down there? Lots of choices I know. Ive got some friends and family in Newport and San Clemente as well as Hollywood so I will be looking forward to heading down that way to perform and kick it. Peace Bro.
    9. Emiliano
      i'm listening to tenacious D :) and struggling my heart on a girl, a bit sad i know but it happens, rock out for me too man!! \m/
    10. Emiliano
      i repair guitar, and do manteinance stuff, like intonation truss regolation and stuff, it's nice and i like to work on musical instruments!i'm also an electronical enginer so i take care of the electronic part as well :)
    11. Emiliano
      i try to kick back all the time! right now i enjoy my time working on guitars, saving up some money and trying to get laid :P i't a pretty interesting lifestyle :)
    12. Emiliano
      very busy man, i'm losing track of time, this is very funny because some time ago i was moaning over my life as it was too slpw and empty :P so right now my life is taking revenge on me :P
    13. Emiliano
      just bakc now man! it's been a loooong vacation! :P how about you?
    14. abyssalservant
      Um, which band? Velnias has a new full-length out via God Is Myth . . . you can find it at Aquarius Records in San Francisco, The End's mailorder . . . sovereignnocturnal.com
    15. crystalbass
      hi k7, sorry, been doing a lot of stuff, and haven't been on seven string much lately....catching up on projects, etc. we have a new drummer, so a lot of rehearsal time to get everyone up to speed on the songs, etc...yes we have a gig next thursday here in town (Miami), so he had to learn all the songs...a lot of odd metered stuff, and we had to get tight, or else it's a trainwreck! how was that surfing competition....was it in Brazil? Did you bring those protein shakes I told ya about ? Those are the best ones out there hands down.
    16. Vairocarnal
      Unfortunately we haven't released anything as of yet. To be honest, the myspace tracks are 3-4 years old and have evolved into some monstrously brutal songs in the key of pan-dimensional polyrhythms...that may not make sense now but it will in time.
      BTW: If you REALLY want any of those for personal use, I'll re master 'em and send 'em to you via whatever means you deem fit.

    17. s_k_mullins
      The Metal Zone is awesome... that's a classic pedal. And you can get a wide range of tones with it, thanks to the EQ controls... especially in the mids.. it has an ordinary Mid level control, plus a midband parametric EQ, so you adjust the exact frequency of your midrange.. from 200 to 5K i think
    18. B Lopez
    19. B Lopez
      B Lopez
      Way. Too. Much. Jager. Way way too much.

      They should be sent my way. :agreed:
    20. B Lopez
      B Lopez
      dude, that sucks copious amounts of ass, and that was in brazil? or home?

      i went out this morning, still a little drunk from last night. was a good/bad idea, kind of like a video game but i threw up like 4 times LOL.

      who are these chicks in your avatars lately?
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    San Diego,CA
    Primary Seven:
    K7APEX1 Munky Signature
    Main Rig:
    Peavey 6505
    Real Name:
    Sevenstring Guitars:
    Both Munky signatures Apex1&Apex2,K7 Head signature,Ibanez RG2228 prestige.
    Other Guitars:
    MTM1 mick thomson signature,dean v 255,ibanez RG350DX,ESP LTD M-50.
    peavey 6505+headw/6505 cab,2 mesa boogie triple rectifiers w/marshall vintage 1964 4×12 cabinets
    Effects & Pedals:
    digitech xp-100 whammy pedal,dunlop uv-1 univible pedal,electro harmonix electric mistress,electro harmonix big muff distortion,electro harmonix small stone,boss rv-3 reverb/delay,DOD FX-25 envelope filter,ibanez bi-chorus pedal,ibanez ts-9 tubescreamer,A/B switcher box
    Cabinets / Monitors:
    mainly peavey
    Studio & Recording Gear:
    tascam DM-4800,tascam MU-1000 meter bridge,Boss BR 1600CD,AKAI MPC4000,Digi 002
    I play guitar when I can I also drum.

    Playing guitar,going to concerts, being with my girlfriend.


    C'est la vie "By the ticket, take the ride"
    Hunter S Thompson