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Jun 29, 2013
Jul 27, 2008
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Dec 16, 1976 (Age: 43)
sinsi ohio
compression engineer for a pharmaceutical company

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Jun 29, 2013
    1. Edika
      Thanks man, they look like what I was describing! Comfy to use in the city and sturdy to withstand non extreme off road!
    2. Black_Sheep
      Yeah, it's really good. I don't usually watch any zombie stuff either. I've seen zombieland and it was quite funny indeed. And a norweigan movie called Dead Snow, about nazi zombies, it was funny as well. I am legend was alright if you ask me, i just think the ending was a bit boring in a way.
    3. Shrooms
      Of course, I pretty much know all their side and main projects.
    4. petereanima
      dude...i'm an idiot...i just recognized: I totally gave you a wrong e-mail address. *facepalm*

      the corrent one ends with ".at", not ".net"...I should not post anything before I had some coffee...
    5. Kr1zalid
      Thanks a lot man! Gonna do the cleaning next week... :yesway:
    6. Shrooms
      Hell yeah \m/
    7. Kr1zalid
      Hey man, you said in my "how to clean fretboard" thread that I can get the naptha anywhere in hardware stores. Problems are I don't even know how it looks like and hardware stores around my place don't offer much things... :wallbash: Do you have any real pictures of it? :lol:

      Thanks for the help first!
    8. PyramidSmasher
      You watch 2 guys 1 hammer?! Man, as a parent I'd feel horiffied since those guys killed some little kids with hammers too.
    9. petereanima
      will check when I'm at home tomorrow, thanks man!!!
    10. petereanima
      yeah man, always interested - peter.ott[at]gmx[dot]net
      thanks man! i can return some for you to try out, but i have metalpack installed, so not sure which ones you could use..but we can try. :)
    11. petereanima
      I'm afraid you must search the actual file and then email it (or upload it somewhere - dotn know if the prset database here still works..there were SHITLOADS of presets for POD).
    12. petereanima
      it should work - the prest is saved under a ".l6T" file or soemthing like that...the presets work with pods as well as with podfarm, thats no problem - i exchagned presets with a guy i know that was using a pod X3pro, so no problem - some stuff differs a bit tough, i have EQ'd all my stuff to death to sound good over my cheapo nearfield-monitors...so per experience, my presets sound very trebly on other persons stuff, but its only one eq (the last one in the chain) that does that, so no problem really haha..
    13. PyramidSmasher
      I guess maybe the grass is always greener on the other side.
    14. PyramidSmasher
      You have 5 kids and still play 7 string guitars and come one a site about them? Very cool, all my dad does is be old and boring.
    15. DrunkyMunky
      I'm going to install it tonight and will get back to you!
    16. Kr1zalid
      Not a fan of guitars with graphics though... Anyway, that looks sick!!
    17. Kr1zalid

      Seriously if not because of you, I would have manage to reduce my GAS level... :lol:
    18. skeels
      Wow I didn't knowan Ibanez could come stock with such a cool engraving job- I also dig the maggot guy gieiger- that's just a decal? That's classy! So you put taht on and clear coat over it? I'd love to try my hand at some airbrushing work, but one step at a time- I'm kinda hooked on the swirling stuff right now and then I'm going to try a build- First apparently I need to walk through the woods and find a tree to cut down! LOL!
    19. skeels
      Hey man- thanks again for the tip on swirling- got a new one up- check it out. Have to say, that Gieger Ibanez is awesome!! Did you do that yourself?
    20. SenorDingDong
      How have I never sent a request either? Consider it a mutual absent mindedness my man.
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    Dec 16, 1976 (Age: 43)
    sinsi ohio
    compression engineer for a pharmaceutical company
    Primary Seven:
    ibanez rg7620
    Main Rig:
    Real Name:
    Myspace URL:
    peavey bandit 112 (old, with scorpion)
    Effects & Pedals:
    zoom 707II,lexicon,korg,alesis sr-16
    Studio & Recording Gear:
    audacity, reaper, beatcraft, drumkit from hell, hydrogen. , samson 6 ch. mixer , revalver
    Misc/Other Gear:
    sony headphones
    donkey punch general

    guitar, rc, family, knives


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