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  • Hey man. I don't know if you'll ever see this message, but for whatever reason I was thinking about you today. I remember a few years ago when you went through some pretty heavy stuff, what with your kid taking being a dumb teenager to its most dangerous extreme, and the unbelievable amount of stress (which almost seems too tame a word, given what happened) that caused you. I hope you're okay. Take care.
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    Hey dude I'm friends with Jym on FB and yeah he's soldiering on. Tough son of a gun.
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    Also soldering on! Doing some killer tech work - not sure if it's his main hustle or what.
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    Hey :) i was just going becuease i had to eat :) you need to do much more than that to offend me pal ;)
    Thanks, man! No need to thank me for anything, dude - I just try to put a smile on people's faces, and friends are obviously no exception. :) UV is now stringless and wrapped in a fuckton of bubble wrap. She's going out without a HSC as this setup makes it a bit simpler to pad her properly to avoid the TLC only delivery dudes can do. :lol:

    Merry Christmas, man! :)
    Merry Christams to all your family Jym. I hope that this little special day will have a positive effect on mending your recent wounds. Blood id thicker than anything else, no matter what. Peace Bro!!!
    Question. If I make a tone though the XT live how do I get to has my own tone through gearbox??? I want to record but I want my presents on gearbox so I don't have to make them all over again.
    No my wireless router took a shit so Ive been fighting with it for 2 hours now and ended up taking it back to Wal mart and got a new one and just got it installed and working. But.... now my Nyquil is kicking in and Im falling asleep!! Tomorrow for sure!
    Thanks for the compliment of the picture on my profile page. Also, great profile page too, love those Ibanez !! Thats cool to meet another Native on here, I'm a Tewa Indian from New Mexico:)
    1. Aye sure but I'm not promising anything in terms of coolness except loving Predator
    2. Seth Rogen is a comedy actor, I find it hard to believe that jymellis has never seen 'Pineapple Express' in which Seth, alongside James Franco, plays the lead role.
    3. Extra cash is good
    4. My humour stems mainly from me being a cunt
    5.Aceeptable but don't get pulled in man
    6. I'm doin pretty good. Shreddin my fingers to the bone, only 3 weeks till college!
    1. ok great
    2. quote from the Seth Rogen film 'Observe and report'
    3. nice
    4. i was being a cunt and projecting my adverse views on facebook.
    It was all a joke about your facebook thread man haha
    i'm not guna bad rep for a pathetic arguement dude, i'm more of a man then that.

    However the Omen 8 isn't like what you described atall the neck is actually pretty thin, not by wizard standards but then what really is?
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