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  • I have done that too! My nibblers are currently under a bird's nest though, so I didn't want to disturb them :}
    Well godspeed you in your current endeavors. Hopefully you can crank something out near the end of the contest--it is open until 31 July!
    You do some beautiful builds, man. You should enter the Home Depot Build Challenge, if you have the spare time.
    7 string SG , oh yeah !! And an 8 Parker , go for it crazy horse.
    Looking forward to these two and yeah I'd defo add a bit of meat on the side of the SG.
    Tunomatic ?
    I only do it on the width so it doesn't look too cramped with a wider neck. Its not an exact measurement and I'd only do it for more than seven strings.
    I probably tweak every common guitar shape I use , its just personal taste :)
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