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    Synth lead sound that isn't cheesy?

    Yeah, Bodom saddly stepped into the cheese with the Orchestral Hit samples. I fucking hate that sound so much. But if we are being anal about it, it's not a synthsizer sound, it's a sampled sound. Apparently OP has a problem with synthsizer leads. Oh, and that was the Doom track I was thinking...
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    Synth lead sound that isn't cheesy?

    What kinds of synth leads are you talking about? Jens Johansson, Wirman, Rudess and Sherinian do fit the distorted synth category, but they do sound agressive in their own way. I don't think it sounds cheesy at all. Maybe listen to Joost Van Den Broek's solo on this Ayreon Track: Maybe it's...
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    Lemon oil on a guitar finish

    Quick update: out of desperation, I put a tiny bit of water in the tip of my finger and gave it a rub. It looks like some white stuff came out of it, but there is still a round hole in it.
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    Lemon oil on a guitar finish

    Hello there. Two nights ago I decided to take my guitar out of storage, clean it up, change the strings and apply some lemon oil to the fretboard, as was recommended by my tech. It was the first time I did it. It worked out pretty well and the fretboard looks great, but I dropped a tiny bit of...
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    Nut Widths- 42 vs 43mm

    I'm really surprised from what I'm seeing in this thread. I feel like 1mm can make a ton of difference and is really noticeable. My first guitar was a Squier Affinity Strat and it's one of the few guitars that has a 41mm nut. It was painful to play chords on, to the point where it screwed up my...
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    Wound vs plain string tension

    Before going the Evertune and True Temperament route, I used an NYXL 10-52 string set in standard tunning and replaced the g string for a 0.18 wound one cause plain G strings have terrible intonation. There was so much more tention! Very difficult to bend! Sounded so much better for chords but...
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    Any metal drums mixing course you would recommend?

    I second URM's Nail the Mxi and Enhanced programs. Tried learning how to mix on my own between 2013 and 2019 with very little success. The first 3 months in NTM helped me make more progress than all those years trying to learn from YouTube and forums. You should look into it.
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    Putting a real Floyd in a Jackson Mick Thomson

    It would probably ruin the value of the guitar. Whenever someone asks this question, I tend to disencourage people from doing heavy mods (drilling, routing, etc...) unlyes their luthiers and techs REALLY know what they are doing and will not fuck up any measurements or perma damage the...
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    Nolly signature "Polymath" BKPs

    Aparently True Temperament had sokme kind of contest where people on Instagram or wherever chose a few brands TT would send some samples to and see if they could come up with some deal for future guitars. I'm hoping this will work. TT and Evertune are the best combo ever. Everyone should try!
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    Getting a Hard Hitting but Organic sound- Limiting? Multi Comp? ETC

    Both should be transparent enough as long as you do a good job during mixing. Try mastering on the same project as you mix. As soon as you finish your initial balancing, turn on your limiter and make the song as loud as your reference track and rebalance after limiting. Then finishing mixing the...
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    Different genres in one album?

    You should listen to Taylor Swift's Red. It has all kinds of genres there and it works amazingly well because of the flow and the common elements between all songs. Maybe that will give you some ideas and hopefuly will be a fun listen.
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    How much out of tune is acceptable on a floating bridge

    Just return it. Not worth the trouble.
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    Guitar Strings for Metal

    Most of these guys use way thicker strings in the studio because it just gets things done more efficiently. I'm not trying to be a dick, trust me, but I wonder if you have any experience tracking guitars for an album. Loosing a good take because the strings went sharp is painful and can screw...
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    Ibanez UV70P for recording metal/recording in general?

    If you are worried about recording, I'd get a guitar with an Evertune, as it will make your life easier and be better even live. Unless you need a tremolo, of course. About the pickups, pickups are overrated as fuck, just like tonewoods. As long as you guitar is in tune and well set up, and...
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    Guitar Strings for Metal

    If you are playing metal, you need to pick hard. If you pick hard, the strings will go sharp unless you have thicker strings. You need at least 10-52 for standard tuning, 11-56 for D standard, etc... I know people have different opinions about this, but staying in tune and picking consistently...