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Jun 21, 2018
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ss not-so-regular, from Ireland

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Jun 21, 2018
    1. Hollowway
      Oh, cool, thanks! I love podcasts, because I can't always sit down to watch TV/youtube. But I can podcast my way through a long drive. Thanks for turning me on to this!
    2. AugmentedFourth
      OK sorry I wrote too much. Got carried away there. Here is a raw paste of the message, BBC and all. :lol:
    3. Mr. Big Noodles
      Mr. Big Noodles
      Yeah, I like standard. Drop makes it more difficult to voice chords. I mean, if you're doing power chords, sure. My preference is crunchy and dense chords, though.
    4. Mr. Big Noodles
      Mr. Big Noodles
      I had an 8 at one point, but I couldn't find a gauge that jived with me for the high E on 28.625". I use all strings equally, so this was an issue. If I had one now, maybe with a shorter scale, I'd use it to cover both guitar and bass parts at the same time. I'm really into voice leading.

      I can get you some sounds when I get home from work.
    5. Mr. Big Noodles
      Mr. Big Noodles
      I play 6 and 7 strings, but I haven't used a 7 in a while. My RG7421 needs some TLC before that happens again. Right now, I play 5 string bass in a sorta psychedelic band and six string guitar and mandolin in free improvisation/avant garde comedy duo. Before that, I was a guitarist in a progressive rock group.
    6. Maniacal
      The best resource for developing guitar speed, timing and technique
    7. OmegaSlayer
      Thanks for the friend request :)
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