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    Dean has a new signature 7 for NAMM and it's not a Razorback!

    Rant: people need to stop thinking "cause its dean, its gonna be shit" Sure, i agree they raped dimebags corpse for all the money its worth, BUT any US made dean is of the highest quality, most companys have shit imports, and i dont see why people seem to forget this when it comes to dean...
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    Greatest Film Score?

    Requim for a dream the most buitiful peice of music ever writen, period dunno how to post vids, sorry XD
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    Does stabbing yourself in the fingertips help develop calluses?

    before playing guitar, put a lil water on your finger tips, itll rust up your strings faster but will wear away the skin quicker to so you develop callauses quicker. :EDIT: i read the guy aboves post and while this is true, it does deleop the calluses quicker, but as he said flesh will fly and...
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    Top 10 end bosses of all time

    the people in the pokemon league at the end, they were annoying cause you had to heal your pokemon after every fight or else you DIE!!!!1
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    Bands You'd like to see move up to 7 strings

    tool would be sick with a 7 silverburst les paul 7 custom anyone?
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    Warhammer 40k Megathread

    i have a 2000 piont exactly deathwing army (terminators, land rainders, dreadanoghts) all i can say is, people swear when they see 25 terminators, 3 dreads and a landraider on the bored lol
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    If you could fight anyone who would it be?

    id love to fight anyone that says "why play 7 when you cant play 6"
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    Your thoughts on the p-90 pickups..used on metal

    P-90's kick ass at metal, my mate used to use a epi les paul goldtop ('56) and he had one of the best sounds ive ever heard.
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    Some Help Please.

    Im looking to build a new guitar from parts (not a fully custom build) I want: A mahogany ibanez Universe Body copy with routing for a single EMG 707 at the bridge. No trem routing, i want a TOM/String through bridge, Piezo Saddles. Reverse BARITONE Ibanez neck (again im guessing ill...
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    Movies you can watch over and over and over...

    Mine are Shaun of the dead Requiem for a dream all the matrix films harold and kumur clockwork orange x files film x files 2 (not good at all but hey) Speaking of the x files, i got every episode and have watched each one at least twice which works out at over a full week of x files (as in 24...
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    Warhammer 40k Megathread

    weapon skill ballistics skill strength toughness wounds inicitive attacks leadership armour save there what they all mean :P Used to have 3000 Pioonts of imperial gard, might try minding a pic
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    Fav. 7 string company and why?

    Jackson RR7 DK7 KE7 COW 7 the most amazing 7's ever made.
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    Do you smoke?

    i smoke, nothing wrong with it tbh, why do non smokers look down on us for smoking? alot of people i know dont smoke, they have a go at me for smoking, but then they go out drinking, i dont drink so its the same principle.
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    I got attacked by 13 year olds...

    a chav and ned are acranimes (excuse my spelling, well tired, onl just got back from college) Chav stands for Consil House And Violent Ned stands for Non Educated Delincant. one day i will learn how to spell :D