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    Pod xt Pro has died :(

    My old Spider 2X12 (the old Red one) did that years ago. You should Look at a Rocktron Prophecy !!! :) I migrated over from an XT pro and have not Looked back. It Sounds alot better than Line 6. I was first a skeptic but when I finally dialed in my tones I am in Heaven!!! You can find a used one...
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    Hey man, we exchanged messages last year and I was wondering if you ever found another guitarist...

    Hey man, we exchanged messages last year and I was wondering if you ever found another guitarist for that band you were starting ?(school was really hectic but this up coming fall I might be able to do something on the weekends).. but my luck you probably have a full on band will all your...
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    I finally got one !!!!!!!

    Ok, Im sick of my Pod xt Live tones so I have been eyen one of these for many months and now I will soon have one!!!!! Im going to be running it through my Carvin TS 100 (100watt tube) pwr amp > BBE 482i > Carvin MTS cab (I have celestions in this one). I know this is not going to compare to a...
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    Audio interface or digital mixer/interface

    I have been recording line direct for about 2+ years now and I believe it is time to get some recordings done with actual mic's. I want to buy Something *(Audio interface or mixer/interface combo) but I am not sure what. I need something that will have at least 2 XLR imputs because I will be...
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    Do any of you have this problem?

    I have been playing guitar for nearly 7 years now, Im an avid music theory buff but im a little stuck when it comes to creating certain types of songs. I can create songs that are very guitar virtuostic *ie simple rhythems* and use my theory to create bad ass solos over them *like Michael...
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    Fuel my DC727/747 G.A.S., show me your Carvin 7's please! :)

    When I ordered mine I specifically asked for the quilting to be "Unique, and Non Uniform.. kinda Off the wall".. in other words. The guy I ordered it from asked if I wanted Satan's face in the center.. Hehehe
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    Fuel my DC727/747 G.A.S., show me your Carvin 7's please! :)

    Here are some more.... (the rest) [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG]
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    Fuel my DC727/747 G.A.S., show me your Carvin 7's please! :)

    I have had this for about 4 months now with no regrets for the $1523 that I spent. Its got a Mahagony body and neck, Tripple Step Ruby Red finish w/ blackburst edges on quilted maple. Abalone carvin Logo.. [/IMG] [/IMG]
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    Mutliple hard drives....

    I currently have my computer set up in Raid 0 and havent had any problems.... KNOCK ON WOOD!!!!! and i also have an old 160 GB IDE hard drive that i store all my Office programs/anything thats not a game..
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    Mutliple hard drives....

    If you have the money you can set your drives in a Raid 0+1 which is basically strip/ mirroring..The information is mirrored (NOT SHARED) between all the drives and if one drive goes bad you still have the other two.... This setup is expensive because you need THREE or more of the same EXACT...
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    Symphony x 2?s

    I saw them live last month and Romeo had a Vetta II paired with an Orignal Vetta head. Each of these sat atop two marshall cab's. I dont know if he combined the two or if the Vetta (orignal) was just backup? As for studio work the Odyssey album is pretty much the Vetta II head..Paradise lost Is...
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    Does anyone make an all Maple 7?

    you could get another carvin and have it in Maple :)
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    Another Question regarding the Carvin..

    Im probably half way through the build time however, i was wondering what did you guys do about changing the pickups? With the finish im getting, i would cry for weeks if i had to route the body to make aftermarket pickups fit in the cavity. Granite I have a 1990 Carvin Ultra V that i put a...
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    Guys with Carvin Dc727c's

    hahahah whoops its a mechanical engineering student is sometimes wrong.. lol
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    Guys with Carvin Dc727c's

    Oh and the finish/guitar will look like this... Tripple deep step Ruby red (on quilted maple) with black burst edges...