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  • The silver burst? I like it very much, dude never said if it was for sale though... I would have that though
    Alright cool dude, so tell me.

    Is there any other cool Greek bands besides Firewind? lol.
    Awesome dude, thanks for the vids. Very impressed to the first vid (haven't watched the second). Dude I just now remembered you were Greek. :lol:
    Right. But they're really nice and the one that I played in the avatar had a lot of detail abalone and etc. I think it was a honeymoon instrument or something to celebrate their marriage.
    Indeed! I'd like to have one, but they can cost some serious dollars.

    The one I'm playing in that picture was custom made in Greece for a couple. It was pretty sweet.
    Haha yeah! Clips will come as soon as I have a USB interface for my Axe FX :D
    Just to keep OT out of the thread.

    I have the Tour. Had the 8330 Curve for awhile and loved it. Then the Tour dropped down to $50, so I had to grab it. After grabbing that, I completely lost interest in other phones. Even when I had my Curve I was insanely happy. I just wanted the slightly faster browsing that the Tour offered.

    If I were to upgrade again (had the Tour for almost 2 years now), I'd either grab the Bold or the new Torch that Sprint has gotten.

    How do you like the optical pad? I'm weary of it, but haven't given it a lot of time. I really dig the trackball.
    Mmmm quite a lot then, I was just gunna pick up a Voodoo Labs Ground Control. I looked at the 2/50/2 but I think I'm gunna go for the Mesa 2:90.
    I'm just using my Roadster's power amp section at the moment which is great but means if I wanna take the Axe out on it's own I still have to take my head with me :( Cheers though :)
    Haha, nice. Yeah so far, I've not settled up yet I have to wait for some money to clear my account. They're holding the guitar, it'll leave Matsikas for England next Wednesday or Thursday :)

    How much was your MFC101? I might get one for my Axe. What power amp are you using?
    Hey bro, thanks for all your help, if you're ever in London let me know :D
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