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  • and my 6 is in woodshop, not seen any pics though and he hasn't asked me about specs n that
    Its a big secret, I wanna build suspense. Its fucking ridiculous though. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    So you were the one who ended up with my DC400 :lol:

    Hope you enjoyed it and it goes to a good home, man. How did you like it?
    Oh... thanks dude!

    Which vid was it?

    They can usually cost used around 180$ - 400$. 250$ is a good price for one I'd say. It really varies to the seller (400$ is over priced by all means).

    They're not bad guitars, though setting the trem up can be very annoying, and the necks aren't bad, but the action could be better set at times. The original pickups aren't really good, so it's better to replace them. But they're not bad guitars overall, they're just fun to play with. :p

    I have two and I'm guessing the one you've probably seen is the one with a Gibson Dirty Finger in the bridge, and a Dimarzio Evolution in the neck.

    The body is swamp ash, maple neck, and a rosewood neck.

    Anything else you need to know amigo? :)
    hey mate i was checking out the strat owners club and noticed you dont play yours anymore, if you ever feel like selling it then pm me
    Haha still deciding on finishes myself. Was thinking of goin either with just a solid colour like blue or grey, or flamed maple cap with a tobacco sunburst... Not sure. What were you thinking?
    "So I am happy, but I wonder which of my 4 orders is going to be done first."

    :lol: 4? You massive slut! :rofl:
    The 627? No, it just has an insanely deep cutaway haha, that's why I love it.
    Jekyll 627 like this:

    Bernie RicoJrGuitars - The Private Reserve: Rico Jr. Jekyll Handmade BoltOn - 627 - White finish - 01

    With the switch and volume other way round, and a 5-way instead of 3-way, hardtail bridge not trem, Alder Body, neck thru Rosewood neck, blocks inlaid on the sde of the fingerboard.

    Second is an 827 based on the same design as the white 627 I posted above again. Same everything except hardtail, alder body, and bolt-on rosewood neck. I haven't decided what colour I'm gunna go. I would have done white but two white guitars? I just want a solid or metallic colour but dunno what lol.

    Both quoted 6 months, I asked Bern to stagger them slightly so I wasn't paying out thousands all in one go haha.

    Then there's my .strandberg* order, but that's at least a year away. I'm desperate for that.

    Oh and my Axe FX 2 in Feb :D
    Lets talk about BRJ again! What are the specs of the one you have on order? I have 2 on order :D
    I'd consider it if he PM'd me back :scratch: I just can't wait for my Decibel slot to come up. Shame it's gunna be AGES lol.
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