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  • Thanks man, I loved doing the project but I tend to have ADD when things get finished and move on to the next. She's just been sitting in the rack so I figured someone might want to give her a new home.
    The black ranger avatar has been gone for a while now, I used a Marowak sprite for a little while but I think I will keep Archer around now.
    You know, I pay for 100% of my gear with the profits of sales on other gear (my agreement with my wife :) ), so it's really not a matter of disposable income so much as it is knowing the market and being willing to give up something you like to get something else you like. While I've owned hundreds of amps, I typically only have 1-3 around at a time.
    The 9100 has the most complex, rich sounding harmonics of any rackmount poweramp I've heard. Aside from that, it's super dry and tight. If I had to change 1 thing about it, I'd give it a little more girth in the low mids and lows, but it's a worthwhile sacrifice for the awesome clarity and definition.

    Compared with the Recto's power section, the 9100 is very noticeably more clear and punchy. The Recto has that cool sag thing going on that no other amp has, but I've definitely moved away from that in favor of amps with a much tighter responsiveness.

    Compared with the 5150's power section, the richness of the 9100's harmonics really shows... It's something the 5150 lacks, for sure. The 5150's poweramp has more usable low end than any other poweramp out there, rackmount or otherwise, so it takes the point there.
    Hey thanks! It's probably all I'll have for a long, long time, until college is paid off!
    No pics, but basically I've just got a 6 space rack with wheels. The PC takes up the top 4, a power conditioner takes up another, and the final space I toss in the GI-20 and an additional MIDI interface (for other gear like keyboards and what not). I usually just go super lo-fi and set the monitor and keyboard on top of it when I'm using it in a live situation. The thing is, that almost never happens. I'm almost permanently in-between projects. ;)

    Whatever you do, I highly recommend a trackball. You don't wanna have to worry about what surface you're going to place your mouse.
    Haha yep. I needed a poweramp for my rack pre's, and since a 5150's power section levels any tube rack poweramp out there except maybe some of the $1k+ stuff (VHT / Engl), and you can pick up a 5150 combo way cheaper than those poweramps, that's the route I went for now. I still want to pick up a 2/90/2 at some point, but this was a good short term solution. I've got the TITAN around now, which has a killer KT88-fueled power section, so the 5150 was obsolete for it's intended purpose.

    Yeah, that ViK is pretty incredible. I will own one at some point in the future, hopefully sooner rather than later.
    Indeed. :agreed:

    Oh, you need to be a "contributing member" to use animated avatars, BTW. It's, like, $10 for five years or something like that?
    Close to every week... maybe two weeks? :lol:

    Yeah, I make most of my own. I usually find a video clip I like on Youtube, save it using DownloadHelper (Firefox plugin), then I convert it into an AVI using Clone2Go (freeware), open it with Ulead GIF Maker 5, trim out the frames I don't need, cut it down so the framerate plays at full speed (browsers usually slow your GIF down by half, so I cut out every other frame), then set it to "optimize" the image to the site's avatar size limit (49k) and export it.

    Usually takes about 15 minutes or so, depending.
    Haha glad theres someone else who feels the same. :lol: I have a dark side of me but I know when and where its acceptable, and other people should be the same. Its basic right or wrong.
    Finances raped me relentlessly the last two months but yeah, I'm still planning on buying one and going H-H; maybe 81-7+60-7 or something of that sort, though.
    From your sig: "If you truly need zero-latency recording, the best way is still to use all-analog processing, which happens at the speed of light."

    if it was going at the speed of light, thats probably faster than the speed of the sound, meaning the latency would be measurably negative, and latency would have to be introduced via some delay otherwise such a system would truly 'predict' what the artist was making. maybe that explains the mysterious beauty of analog.

    Actually, it's the speed of electricity, right, not the speed of light? :scratch:
    Well, you may find it important to know that I haven't actually played any shows with it yet. My band kind of dissolved a few months ago, and we'd been strictly recording/writing for almost 2 years prior to that. I've definitely used it in a live context with the band as we practiced/jammmed each week, and for the most part it's amazing. I haven't experienced any latency issues, but as with all computer applications you have to be aware that there is an unreliability factor when it comes to your computer potentially freezing for no apparent reason. ;)

    In short, anything can happen and you have to be prepared, so I do still bring a back up amp just in case I get a system crash mid-set.
    No complaints on latency with the Kontrol. Maybe not as smooth as my Audiophile 192 if I'm trying to run a bunch of MIDI and such using GR4 as a VST within a host DAW, but when just doing GR4 by itself, it's more than adequate.
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