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    Alien Covenant

    I loved Covenant as well as Prometheus. I've seen a lot of interesting theories and ideas behind some of the scenes and concepts in the movie but something I've not read any of that I'm the most interested in is Do you guys have any thoughts on that scene in particular?
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    Serbia - Destiny Potato/David Maxim Micic Poland - Disperse/Jakub Zytecki
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    Texas SSO Members Check In

    Wassup wassup I'm in Arlington :wavey: Ima hit all of you DFW dudes up and jam with all of you :hug:
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    Anyone in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area?

    My dude :cheers:
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    Anyone in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area?

    Wassup guys, I just moved to DFW recently and I'm trying to find some dudes who wanna jam some sick weird proggy stuff. Think like Chon, The Contortionist, David Maxim Micic, Disperse, Plini, Monuments, Periphery, etc Hit me up if you live around here and dig any of those bands!
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    NGD: This what God feel like

    Yeah, guys, the thread title is from Kendrick Lamar's new album and does accurately describe how having and playing this guitar make me feel. The Nazgul is AMAZING, I really like it a lot. Everything sounds very defined and articulate with it through distortion but it still feels really thick...
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    NGD: This what God feel like

    So some of the OG guys may remember me, I haven't been on here in probably like 2 or 3 years. Honestly I haven't really been doing anything with music in that same time as well. Big life changes and just growing in general make it hard to focus on something. But I've finally gotten back to where...
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    Who is your favorite band?

    Right now I'm REALLY into Jakub Zytecki and Owane. Long lasting favorites will def always be Chon, The Contortionist, and Tigran Hamasyan tho.
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    OWANE (for fans of CHON, David Maxim Micic, Jakub Zytecki)

    It's so great!! I wish it was longer cause I listened to all of his youtube videos so ridiculously often that the re-recorded stuff feels old to me :lol: I was also a little bummed about a couple subtle changes to the pre-existing songs that I thought were really cool and I thought the EP kind...
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    OWANE (for fans of CHON, David Maxim Micic, Jakub Zytecki)

    So I think after finding this dude, that his solo in Widek's Parallax might just be my favorite solo ever! So I took the time to try to learn it by ear and tab it all out. Anyone with a better ear than I wanna check it out and see how correct it is? I know some parts the rhythms aren't 100% but...
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    Guitar Pro 5.2 Error Message

    Yeah, I had to do a combination of that and retabbing based on a midi file I luckily had and imported. Took me 4 hours to rewrite the whole song but damn am I glad that I got like 95% accurate to the original.
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    Guitar Pro 5.2 Error Message

    Yo guys, I don't know if this is in the right section or not but I need some help. I was working on a huge song, like 200+ bars, 7 minutes long. And it's been working, but just now when I opened it up it gave me this message "lecture au dela de la fin de fichier". I have a genuine version that's...
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    Your most listened to band.

    The Contortionist
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    The Veil Of Maya Superultramegathread!

    Yeah, after quite a few more listens, I really really like this album. It reminds me a lot of TCMC & id era Veil. Teleute for example feels almost like a newer, more polished It's Torn Away. Leeloo and Phoenix also definitely remind me of the more vivid, punchy, old school Veil riffs.