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  • Hey man, I see you around here quite often and noticed that you don't seem to live too far from me. Maybe we could get together and play sometime or just chill.
    Uhm.. it should be on my imageshack, searh on Rojne over there and it should be there somewhere!
    Cant link from my phone because imageshacks mobile version sucks! :)
    How do you make you're sig stay in the low, bottom right corner of your posts? Every time I try to edit it, it's all the way up under the shit I write. lol
    Why no, no you haven't :lol:

    That guy was hilarious, I wish he/the mods left the insults haha
    Yup, they all have it, but most of the time it's cut off, particularly on softer woods. I've seen cocobolo, ziricote, camatillo, granadillo, bubinga and blackwood boards with it, and I've always liked the look.

    Btw, if you look at the axe I'm building, the top is granadillo, and it's got some sapwood on the middle.
    If you mean this one:

    From this pic, it looks like it's just rosewood, with a bit of the sapwood (white part, near to the actual bark of the tree) showing on one side. Hard to tell the actual wood species from that pic though, but almoast all regular fingerboard woods look BEAUTIFUL when they have some sapwood showing... like this: http://www.blackmachine.net/images/8f.jpg

    If you are looking for wood for a fingerboard, allow me to recomend you some Granadillo. Stupid dense, feels very smooth, and has a very bright but sweet tap tone. Lmii sells it for dirt cheap, so it might be worth it to ask if they have pieces with sapwood.
    Hey buddy :) So am I! Haha, last I heard the bridges should be arriving in the next week or so, so should see some movement around then :) Shouldn't be long now!
    There actually quite a few people who have already laid claim. But I highly doubt she's going anywhere haha ... As for yours, PM me, man. We can talk about it. And thanks for noticing my guitar!
    Nice. I know exactly where that's at. I went to Silver Creek High School up in Sellersburg. Class of 08
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