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  • Hmmm no idea actually! :lol: I noticed they're out of the ClubSport pedals too (which are the nicer, solid aluminum ones), not sure if they're only making the cheaper CSR ones now? :scratch: I'd have to see how much I paid for everything I guess. :lol:
    Haha yeah I really like it but considering I'm barely playing anymore I'm getting ready to sell off all my Fanatec stuff and the cockpit as well. :lol: :(
    I was curious, do you use a wheel or a controller when you're playing Forza? If you don't have one, any interest in picking up a Fanatec CSR + ClubSport pedals deal? :D I am just not playing games as much lately so I figured you might be interested. :yesway:
    Any chance you have some suggestions/tunes you could share to increase my drift score a bit in FM4? :lol: I'm trying to beat that rival challenge to win the car that guy is offering currently but the highest I've pulled on the Alps track is like 32K points and I think his is in the 40's. I see dudes pulling in scores all the way up to the 90K mark so I know it's possible to do it. :rofl: I've used a 240sx and a modded Mazda or two so far but still can't seem to get my scores super high as I end up losing control of the really good drifts. :noplease:
    It was about 5 years ago when I typed on there, but I stayed around for a little less than a year I think and got really busy. I completely forgot about that site. I can't even remember my login info or even the email address for it.
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