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  • Ah Jonathan, I think you're having me confused with someone else, maybe that Gaku kid!. I have yet to upload things to YouTube because I'm very hard on myself when it comes to quality etc. I'll add you on Instagram so you'll know who I am, represent! You play great too
    Just checking in saying Hi, been watching your vids on instagram.. noticed you had an account here too, cheers!
    Hey man I would be willing to trade you an Agile Interceptor 727 and an Ibanez RGD320Z for your RGD2127? Lemme know
    If I were to buy it would have to be on Friday. That's when I get paid.
    I'm also a Disabled Veteran. 4 years as an active duty Army medic.... So, you can kind of see why my participation in forums and such has been at a minimum
    Also, I'm just a dude trying to get what this thing is worth. I know times are hard, but offers for $500 are ridiculous. I actually met a guy yesterday who tried to rob me; showed up with no money and tried to jack my gear. Luckily there was a cop in the parking lot where we met up who intervened and arrested the guy.
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