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The kid, from "Springfield,TN"

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    1. MaxOfMetal
      I'd be inclined to say the Epiphone. Nothing in the 200 series range has ever impressed me, but the recent Epiphones I've tried in the same price bracket have been pretty nice.
    2. highlordmugfug
      Haha, it is an elusive goal. :lol:
    3. highlordmugfug
      You have me confused with another lord :lol:

      I've never bought that guitar, but yeah you are pretty close. I go to Nashville to eat at The Wild Cow all the time.
    4. Wookieslayer
      Yeah man! The RM100 is just effing sick! Devildriver, Arch Enemy, As I Lay Dying, God Forbid, Linkin Park :lol:, and I know the faceless guitarist has one in his studio. so much versatility and ways to go.
    5. Wookieslayer
      haha! yeah man I pretty much did that. went to a different sam ash and met some dude that used to play drums for Ratt in the '80s. He told me his name was "Rockin' Dave" :lol: Was super chill and he helped me play this sweet Laney tube head.
    6. Wookieslayer
      yeah that's happened to me before too. there was this chill employee at sam ash who was replaced by this dude that told me I'm limited to 10 min per guitar when trying them out... wtf?!
    7. Wookieslayer
      hahaha wow. yeah because randall makes the tubes themselves ::noplease:
    8. Wookieslayer
      Ohh haha that'll do it
    9. Wookieslayer
      Hmm that's not too bad, considering you get the flight case with the cab, but those amps still pop up pretty often. Lol did you mean it had broken tubes too though?
    10. Wookieslayer
      Ah you mean the RH150 G3 series. I've never played one myself but I've heard some cool clips and heard good things. I'm guessing it's not too different from the V2 solid state channel but less headroom (less wattage), though I'm sure the V2's sounds better. Also for what it's worth, I've extensively jammed on the RH200 G2 series all solid state, which is very tight in riffing and plenty of bass/kick, and the newer G3 should be better.

      That Randall head with the interchangeable modules is pretty bad ass actually; the RM100, though there is a RM50, etc. A good number of albums and bands used them. If I had one, I would get the Ultra XL and Treadplate modules and probably the Blackface for cleans. Too bad Sam Ash won't sell it separately, though I'm guessing they want too much money for that halfstack anyway.
    11. Wookieslayer
      For sure man, if you can test the thing or find another one locally at a store, try to. Don't be pressured to jump on this deal though, patience in your search will really pay off. There were times where I wanted to bid on lesser desired amps but either passed (or lost the bid :lol:), and would have not had the money to buy my T2 if I had gotten them.

      But if you dig the V-Max, go for it, I've only heard good things.
    12. Wookieslayer
      Yeah man, the neck has to be the best part. If mine was a reverse headstock :eek: Lol I've barely played it because I haven't gotten mine properly set up yet... but once I do that I will post a NGD!

      Although many amps can get a tight tone with a tubescreamer, etc, I recommend looking for a used Randall man, they can be found for some pretty nice prices if you look long enough. I picked up a T2 on ebay for just under $400 shippped! Keep your eyes peeled :hbang:
    13. Wookieslayer
      That's a sick Jackson you scored man. I actually found one similar to it a few months ago in that blue sparkle Red finish. Those made in Japan ones are sweet as hell! :metal: Good luck on the amp search.
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