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  • Hey man, it's the dude that headbutted you in the knee at the Madison date. You gotta get Monuments out to the US...I gave you guys a listen after the concert and was blown away!
    Hey, Browne. Good meeting you in Houston. I hope the venues only get a little bigger from here on out! Lots of fun at the show. I hope the rest of the tour treats you well. Take care.
    Awesome show in Portsmouth last tuesday, I got a vid of Admit Defeat if you're interested, YouTube - Monuments - Admit Defeat Live
    Looking forward to the album man! I was the guy with EP number 8 by the way, got most of you to sign it.
    I was curious, how did you upload "Admit Defeat" to your facebook profile?

    My band recently started a facebook profile and we want to throw a song up there but coudln't figure out how to do it, so any help would be greatly appreciated dude:metal:
    Dude, just heard the new Monuments track. That is some serious groove! Very, very awesome. Congrats on getting the new project up and running.
    that's good to hear man. i love that you mentioned there's no bulb influence on the new shit. honestly I think he's a good guitarist and whatever.. but it's almost as if he's taking Meshuggah riffs and turning them sort of pop-orientated. same with some Cloud kicker stuff. it's nice to know there's fellsilent my friend
    Nice one, cheers!! I might be sending a clean verison your way too just for giggles. Look forward to hearing what you think of it :D
    Oh... hello sir! Sorry if I was quite flippant last night - I was quite nervous! Hope you had a good one and pleasure seeing you.
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