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    New Balaguer Model Diablo

    Not at the moment but if there is enough interest, sure! Most folks who order from us prefer 25.5" for 6's, though a 24.75" Astra Standard could be rad.
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    Balaguer Guitars new model options! Offset V and Explorer!

    I’m fine doing two more Floyd-8 builds. Just put it in your order notes and I’ll take care of it. I removed it from the builder because - 1. Not enough folks order it, and Floyd parts are taking much longer to get as of late. 2. They’re kind of a PITA. :p
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    New Balaguer Model Diablo

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    I'm 98% sure I want to order a Balaguer...

    Thanks for the order, dude! This is going to be a rad build. :cheers:
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    Neural DSP teasing something new (Quad Cortex)

    I also grabbed an FM3 recently, while waiting for the QC. I didn't cancel my QC pre-order though, as I'd like to compare both of them before deciding what to do next. The capture function is most alluring to me, since I have a bunch of tube amps. From the videos it seems like the capture...
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    New Balaguer Model Diablo

    Shoot me a PM if you have a specific/favorite retailer you buy from. We can probably work something out. We’ve done a reverse modern 3x3 before, yep! We can do the headstock all one color, just let us know in your order notes.
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    New Balaguer Model Diablo

    Yep, it’s in the works. We’re speaking to a few distributors and dealers in Europe. Where are you located?
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    New Balaguer Model Diablo

    I get your perspective, I think we've all been there one way or another. I'll PM you offline so we can squash this.
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    New Balaguer Model Diablo

    I may need to do this build for myself if you're not going to order it, for...reasons. :D
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    New Balaguer Model Diablo

    I find your perspective really interesting, since it lacks context from the other side (the side of folks who own my guitars and/or like what we do). Most of your comments in Balaguer threads, via FB groups, are usually overtly negative and tend to tell the OP to look elsewhere at (insert other...
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    Balaguer Guitars - xiphos shape "Tartarus"

    We finished a few more Tartarus builds, check it out:
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    Balaguer Tartarus Run - Limited Spots for 6 & 7 string

    Hey everyone, We never opened up this run past its initial design phase because we had so much other stuff in the queue to get out + expanding into a new shop space. Anyways, just wanted to give an update here for anyone who may have been wondering. Hope everyone is good!
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    Balaguer Guitars - xiphos shape "Tartarus"

    Thanks for doing that video, man! Very cool.

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