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  • I've always stayed away from saying "this is an orange" or "this is a diezel" patches, because I've never played either one of those amps in person and can't really attest for their character sound. I've only heard the occasional recording with one, with who knows what used to boost them or what kind of post-processing was used. That said, in my mind, I'd probably start with the Doom to make an Orange tone.

    Glad you liked the Faceless patch - I have actually improved on them, and will try to get the new ones up tonight. Basically just changed the Uber cab's mic to the 409 Dynamic, which makes the low end a bit fuller sounding.
    hey thar. try my "epicFcLd" patch - http://foobazaar.com/podhd/patches/hd500/MM_EPICFcLd_1.h5e

    I made it to be a Faceless lead patch, but it has that Opeth type sound. Roll back the volume for a softer sound.

    Sometime I hope to dial in something better more specific to Opeth. The rhythm patch is kinda maxed out as you can see, and I would need to work in a reverb at least, preferably also a delay.
    Yeah man, whenever you are free. I will work you, I am not that great of a player and except for a few guitars my gear is shit :lol:
    Haha same here, I was born in Northern VA. Good to see some one that lives in Richmond on here.
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