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Sep 4, 2021
    1. jllozano
      in case you have not bought the speakers yet, i highly recommend eminence speakers, peaveys love them(not just the ultra+, vtm's,xxx,5150's and others too)...eminence V12 are not very expensive,and sound great with this head...i have eminence in 4 out of 5 cabs i own
    2. jllozano
      eq settings vary depending on the cab and what tone i'm going for mostly but as a general guideline you can keep edge and bottom at 50% and play around with just the mids knob and that can get you a big variety of tone flavors....once mids are set just adjust the other 2, the EQ is extremely delicate so do micro adjustments on the knobs, once you are using high volume those micro adjustments are very easy to hear....i mostly use the vader 412, which sounds like a match made in heaven with this head, master 75%, tight,full power...T 45%,M 35-40%,B 55%, crunch channel vol at 50-60% and gain at about 70%, crunch boost button on plus using boost pedal(modded sd-1,green rhino,bloody murder, depending on mood).....also a little trick, in case you have the footswitch, with the reverb knob on the amp at 0%, engage the reverb on the footswitch and notice how it changes the tone, makes tone tighter still, you might or might not like this
    3. JXN
      Thanks man - I'm using an SD-1 to overdrive it and a DOD eq in the loop. I'm playing a Jackson Stealth w/ ToneZone and an ESP w/ EMG 85. I really like the ToneZone in that basswood body, heavy saturation and great definition. I've got a 5150 cab that I'm dropping WGS HM75's and Vet30's in. Seems like I read the suggestions about 75% master volume and using the low gain input on another board - was that you? That definitely took the high end fizz out and gave it a more organic character. What are your EQ settings btw?
    4. JXN
      Thanks, I ordered those from tube depot and got them yesterday - I pulled out my JJ's last night and tried that combo in there. I noticed a big drop on the gain (prob the 12WD7) and it was punchier with the Tung Sols in there. I wound up putting a JJ back in V2 to get my gain back. What eq settings/cab are you using?
    5. JXN
      Hey, read your suggestions for preamp tubes for the Ultra+ - Just curious, what's the benefit of the 12WD7 in V2? I've got a love/hate relationship with this amp, sounds great sometimes, other times not. Any good advice for me?
    6. BigPhi84
      Hey, any relation to Micaela Lozano?
    7. DMAallday
      no problem duder. If you are interested I have a parker p-42?!
    8. DMAallday
      hey is the mhb400 still for sale?
    9. Tones
      Hey, would you happen to take a trade for your Washburn? I'm desperate for a 7 string right now.
      FS/FT Jackson DR3
      That's my advertisment on craigslist. If you're interseted at all, please let me know.
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    Home Page:
    Laredo, TX
    Psychology and Social Work
    Primary Seven:
    ESP M1 w/ BKP C. Warpig
    Main Rig:
    VHT D 120/Vader412
    Primary ERG:
    Jackson DK27 Baritone
    Other Guitars:
    Parker PDF80 w/ Painkiller
    ESP LTD H100 w/ Ceramic Nailbomb
    Ibanez RGD 321 w/ Miracle Man
    Engl Fireball 100
    VHT Deliverance 60
    Mesa Triple 2 Channel
    Mesa Tremoverb
    Ampeg SS150H
    Peavey Ultra +
    Peavey Special 212 cut into a head
    Rocktron Piranha
    Effects & Pedals:
    Bodenhamer Bloody Murders
    Suhr Koko boost
    VFE Standout
    Cabinets / Monitors:
    Vader 412 and 212
    VHT Deliverance 412
    VHT Fatbottom 412
    Marshall MF 412 w/ G12K-100's
    Randall RS 412XLTS100 w/ Celestion G12H-100
    Earcandy Buzzbomb 212 w/ Swamp Thangs/ Texas Heat
    Earcandy Buzzbomb 212 w/ V12's
    Studio & Recording Gear:
    Torpedo Studio
    Audient id14 + Behringer 8 channel pre
    Misc/Other Gear:
    Roland td17
    Guitars and Keyboard

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