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    Looking at strats - project or go all in?

    I second the PRS SE silver sky
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    Gotoh Floyd builders? More affordable Suhr?

    I would say for around 1kish, Charvel DK24 replace the tremolo (which is SUPER easy, I've even done it). The tremolo in DK24 is the 1000 series floyd, which isn't a bad tremolo, either to sell or to keep for another project.
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    Current Main Floyd Pattern Trems

    My understanding is that the 1000 (1500) series is not available as an aftermarket item, it is only available as an OEM tremolo. Personally, I have no problems with the special, and I love how "upgradable" it is. If I feel the need to upgrade it, the path is available to me. I just don't see...
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    Jackson American Series

    I'm in the "never buy guitars for over $1k crowd", but I think these are cool. I would want one, but I don't buy guitars over 1k. :)
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    Jackson American Series

    I see now why Gib$on keeps putting out the same junk year after year. Jackson releases something slightly different and everyone is like "Why didn't they make it like the models they've made for 30 years?"
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    Jackson American Series

    If the price is under $3k, I "might" be interested. As long as I don't have to wait 10 years either.
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    Solar Guitars by Ola Englund

    looks like a Peavey Vortex 1 from the 80's.
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    Ibanez Q vs AZ

    From what I have heard the solder jobs (electronics) on the Q have been horrible for some reason.
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    Aluminum guitar builders

    And how does that relate to the original question?
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    Solar Guitars by Ola Englund

    Interesting, but I don't feel like dealing with importing.
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    So...I needs me a proper dad guitar

    I'm not going to search the internet for you, no offense, it's just that I'm not google.... The guitars that I thought of when I read the post where: Charvel, there might be a model in there you like (I know there are some fixed So-Cals) Godin (I think it's called the session.... maybe) Maybe...
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    Edit: Mark Morton was teasing. Joins Gibson's stable of thrash artists that used to play Jacksons.

    It would be funny if Gib$on copied his Jackson shape, then Jackson (Fender) turned around and sued Gib$on.
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    Jackson Pro-Series/X-Series Soloist: Just How Bad Can They Be?

    Pro Series Dinky - Mexico (They might make a few in Korea now, not sure) X-series Dinky - Indonesia Pro Series Soloist - Indonesia (China for special finish models) X-series Soloist - Indonesia (China for special finish models) I have 4 MII Jacksons. They are all nice playing guitars. Very...
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    Ibanez RG655M vs Rg550 Genesis

    My experience is that the 655 will have a slightly wider feeling neck. The Genesis will have the classic wizard neck (which after playing modern Ibanez wizard necks) feels just slightly more narrow. I prefer the modern Ibanez neck for thicker strings and down tuning. I prefer the genesis neck...
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    Fender lets go 300 employees

    A way to get rid of high wage employees and replace them with low wage when things pick back up.