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Jan 1, 2020
Oct 22, 2007
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Jim Antonio

Playa from Manila, from Manila, Philippines

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Jan 1, 2020
    1. Lucy Monostone
      Lucy Monostone
      No worries man, it's the same here. Have a good weekend :)
    2. Jim Antonio
      Jim Antonio
      There you go haha. I got your address, I'll get back to you on the quote.

      It may take a while though (prolly around 2 days) as it's Holy Week here right now and all stores/offices are closed from Thursday to Friday. Thanks!
    3. Lucy Monostone
      Lucy Monostone
      I have huge hands so playing normal scale guitars is almost impossible for me haha
    4. Jim Antonio
      Jim Antonio
      Sure. Kindly give me your address so the shipper can give me an accurate quote.

      This guitar is a monster but the baritone scale is prolly not my thing as I have small hands.
    5. Lucy Monostone
      Lucy Monostone
      *drools* If you can find out how much for shipping and get back to me with a final total it would be most appreciated :)
    6. Jim Antonio
      Jim Antonio
      The guitar itself cost me US$1000 (AUS $1300.20) , I will need to check how much shipping would be to Oz, I never shipped outside the Philippines but have received tons of guitars from the US. It will come with a customized hardcase & a tip I got from friends who ship guitars is to use the hardcase itself as the container, just ensure it's sealed and secured. Here's how it's going to look like:


      I bought it last January 2015 and played it for about 5 times in my room and haven't got the time to get back to it. It didn't help that I got the Ibanez S8QM in the pic which is my fave axe right now. :)
    7. Lucy Monostone
      Lucy Monostone
      I am absolutely interested! How much would you want including shipping?
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    I am the playa from manila!

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