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  • Haha it does the same thing an if you happen to spill something on your guitar, it will soak it up! Lol
    That makes sense. Do you have a sponge in your kitchen? You could just a piece off of it. No one will ever see it under the pickup lol
    Your pickup didn't come with foam in the case? I have a bunch of extra from all the pickups I've bought. I even used a piece of extra with a Velcro cable tie and made one of those wraps for around the strings at the headstock to stop the ringing.
    Actually, I just used it because it was cheap and easy to get. The engine enamel doesn't require a clear coat as it would just peel off in a high heat situation. I actually painted my engine the same color as the guitar about a year ago haha
    I just used duplicolor acrylic laquer spray cans from Canadian tire. The key is the wet sanding and polishing. And thanks :)
    I'm glad that you found Dead and Divine. Very good and underrated imo.
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