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Oct 17, 2020
    1. warped
      Hey! Thanks for the comments on my FF clip on here and soundcloud.. I just saw FF live the other week and hadn't listened to them for a very long time, such a great show reminded me of why I loved (still do) them so much :)
    2. rickboot

      Got your message from Rig-Talk about my Triaxis. Just thought I'd answer here to make sure you're you. :)

      The Triaxis is still available. I don't post much on here, rig-talk or but you can find plenty of my smart ass remarks as Rickboot on thegearpage or the Fractal Audio forums. Ebay too.

    3. JeffHenneman
      Yeah, but my hard drive died and I lost the comparison clips I had done. What I did was record straight in and then reamped. I even used the actual same tubes in each amp on the clips. Man it sucks so bad that I was unable to recover those clips. I was able to recover alot of stuff on that drive but not those ones. I wrote a detailed review of both, maybe I will post it later in the forum just so people can have a head to head review.
    4. Wookieslayer
      Hey dude, did you ever make comparison clips of the Archetype or Ninja amps? :metal:
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    Main Rig:
    PODxt pro->Mesa 2:90
    Other Guitars:
    Gibson new century flying v, Washburn wv66gt black, ESP ltd viper 301, ESP ltd Ec400at, Washburn wv66gt white, ibanez rgrt47dx,
    Line 6 PODxt pro, peavey rockmaster, Mesa Boogie 2:90, Randall rm100 w/ KH-3, ultra xl and salvation mamba, Peavey 6505
    Effects & Pedals:
    Tc electronics G-major, bbd sonic maximized, dbx eq
    Cabinets / Monitors:
    marshall 1960b, peavey 412ms, Randall RT412-100C
    Studio & Recording Gear:
    Digi 002r, Behringer DEQ2496, art voice channel preamp, AKG C 414 XL II, sm57