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    1. BoW
      The board is doing weird stuff so I'll just leave this here till I can post it on the thread. Do you want to add 2 low strings, or 1 low string and 1 high string? There are a lot of scale lengths available, and if you want to add a high string, you might want to keep the scale on the smaller end, but if you add two low strings, you will probably want a longer neck. Agile guitars tend to get good ratings from people, though I've never owned one myself. Rondo Music Electric Guitars | Page 1 of 1 There are limited pickup options for 8 strings, so that kind of a bummer too. In my mind, you might as well experiment with an 8 first since it will help inform your decision an a 7, but a 7 might not help inform you on how an 8 feels. Just my opinion.
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    just moved and looking for a metal band
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