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  • Oh no, not at all. :lol: I wasn't referring to his guitar model, I was referring to the "hype train" or "hype machine" a couple shadeballs on another forum are running where they hype up a new brand, buy up a bunch of guitars early and then try to flip them for profit to gullible idiots soon thereafter. :lol: It had nothing to do with Ornsby whatsoever actually, I dig Perry's work! ;)
    I'll make you know when it comes, the builder said new date will be around April, something that makes me repent in favor of the ceramic warpig and then back to the juggernaut again :D
    They are coming in a RAN, just talk to the builder and said the body had a couple of small black stains, so they are going to use a new body to make it perfect. That's another month more :(
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