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  • Yes, way too bright and stiff. I have a 6 sting Warpig in another guitar, and while I really like it, it's quite a bit more output than I want with this. It's an alder body, maple neck. The RY and HD definitely interest me. How much different would a Alnico NB be?
    The best thing to do to contact us is email [email protected] or PM us, I dont see visitor messages too often :) Anyways to answer your question, if you dont like the CS bridge I'm guessing its because its too bright and stiff. The ceramic Nailbomb isn't much different to be honest. I would go with something a bit warmer thats still tight and clear, such as the Rebel Yell, Holydiver, ceramic Warpig, etc. What are the body/neck woods of the DC7X?
    Sorry so late man. It's quite a bit different honestly. The Splawn is very dry, where the EVH is extremely saturated.
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