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Mar 15, 2017
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Mar 15, 2017
    1. Sofos
      Hey man, are you still looking for an 8?
    2. TheytoldmemynamewasMike
    3. chopeth
      Dude, I saw your FS thread! you selling the sls for 500? got tired of it?
    4. Winspear
    5. amogh
      Hey Jason,
      I'm planning to buy an SLS C7 myself.
      But kinda stumped on the active/passive pickup choice. I play mostly progressive, djent and modern metal. I'd say my sound falls into anything between tesseract, periphery to soilwork.

      So what do you think I should go for, the blackouts or the passives?
      I don't think I'd be swapping the pups anytime soon though!

      Thanks a lot man
    6. jarnozz
      I abandoned the explorer project. I didn´t think I´d like the shape forever and started another build with the neck! It´s a Ibanez/Blackmachine build :D
    7. Heroin
      ah I see, you should go with the 9-62 set then. light but tight enough tension with a matched 7th string for A, it's a guaranteed fix :yesway:
    8. Heroin
      the 62 is at 7.06 kg for A so yes. personally I'd go with this set because I like having my tension under 50 kg, super comfortable. :)
    9. Heroin
      hello mate, the 10-59 set will probably do fine, but I thought I could give the the specific STC calculations to you just for reference:metal::
      len 26.5"

      E4 .010" DAPL == 7.94kg
      B3 .013" DAPL == 7.53kg
      G3 .017" DAPL == 8.12kg
      D3 .026" DANW == 9.02kg
      A2 .036" DANW == 9.57kg
      E2 .046" DANW == 8.56kg
      A1 .059" DANW == 6.41kg
      (regular 7 string set)
      total == 57.15kg

      len 26.5"

      E4 .009" DAPL == 6.43kg
      B3 .011" DAPL == 5.39kg
      G3 .016" DAPL == 7.19kg
      D3 .024" DANW == 7.73kg
      A2 .032" DANW == 7.73kg
      E2 .042" DANW == 7.23kg
      A1 .062" DANW == 7.06kg
      (9-42 set w/ a 62, in case you want to go lighter and have matching tension)
      total == 48.76kg
    10. Wookieslayer
      grats on the schecter, how do you like it?
    11. HeHasTheJazzHands
      Oh well. :lol:

      Nice. :D I also got my 7 strring a week ago. An RG7321. :)
    12. HeHasTheJazzHands
      I posted nudes. The mods thought I waasn't sexy enough. :(

      Nah, I posted in some joke thread on the gear subforum. :lol:
    13. HeHasTheJazzHands
      Hello there. :
      I've been banned but I'm back now. :lol:
    14. Rain
      Ah, I see. Well, it's not too hard. Just gotta remember to breathe and use your diaphragm. Also, your voice sounds best when it's not being strained.
    15. Rain
      No, not yet. Unfortunately, it's difficult finding people who are actually skilled and are into the same type of music around here xD But I'm a vocalist and a guitar player so I figured I'd record the vocals for our debut album myself if I can't find anyone else. Why? You wanna try out? ;)
    16. Rain
      Thanks man :) I've stepped up my mixing and mastering a LOT since I recorded those. So new stuff will sound even better.
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