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  • Ill have money in paypal this weekend with luck :)
    But if a money order is better.. i can do that.. u let me know ok.. :)
    Oii middle man...your services are needed again...lol
    your mission is..........
    Help HaGGuS get sets of elixir strings.. cause the slack fuckers that own shops here dont stock singles that I need.And they charge $40 aus to make a set of 7.
    You usually had a point, though.

    That was just utterly pointless.

    Where's the n00b pwning Jason we all know...?

    Yeah, I might as well go with red. Just sorta wish they kept the natural one. The guitar looked orgasmic in natural w/ binding.
    Hey hey hit me up when you get yours with some pics. I'm debating right now on whether I should get the purple, red, or black.. lol
    Dude, your girl busts your balls something fierce. :lol:

    What's even worse, is I got to your profile to comment about it, because I saw her on your "psoitive" comment in that thread, and I see she beat me to it!

    My sympathies, bro. :lol:
    Yeah... Paul Byrd. What's he about 52 years old now???? Good luck with that! :lol:
    And the Yankees are just giving the Rays a chance to have the spotlight for a change . There is still plenty of baseball left......... Who am I kidding? No playoffs for the Yankees this year. :wallbash: :noway:
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