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  • Hrm.. who would I even go to? I want to get a test done.. but I don't know what type of physician to go to for it.. and I don't want to go to a neurologist due to not having insurance and having to do a sign up fee and crap.

    I trust the chriopractor in some ways.. but in others.. I think it's just blasphemous. How "energy" works and such.. idk..
    I have been doing some of the stretching exercises.. and now I'm resting a bit more.

    To think that this is all carpal tunnel and it was properly diagnosed by a chiropractor kinda bums me out.. I don't want some permanent damage..

    Have any more tips on how to handle and heal this cause?

    Should I wear the brace all the time? Keep stretching?

    Im choking down 5 b6 pills a day.. resting my hand.. except when typing on the keyboard.. and I still lift things.. idk what to do
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