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  • Well that's predictable TBH, at least when considering the production... I always thought that the early albums didn't sound so good (Yea, I'm a pod hater)
    I try never to put my fan on, because if I do, I'll never turn it off, the lack of noise is almost painful. I like sound :)
    I'm weird with sleep, I can't sleep if I'm bored, since I was about 12 I've slept with either music, a podcast or a movie on, it's probably bad (everything seems to be bad nowadays anyway) but I like it.
    I tried! I was watching House on my iPod in bed, which usually gets me sleeping, but it got too good to sleep to!
    Alright, yeh it's pretty beasty, quite tight and clear but not as much so as some of the other bare knuckles, hope you enjoy it through your rig mate!
    thats all i wanted, FUCKING EVERYTHING. i'm reading/watching some reviews on this mic now, and i must say, all i've heard is good...which is great. Have there been any concerns, problems, or limitations you've encountered whilist using this product?
    after a couple of days of soaking up info, i once again began to practice. i had previously gotten alright but, thanks to college and working a job, got wayyyy rusty. i could tell that just from "pushing" from the diaphram made a huge difference, also droping my jaw, as you reccomended, helped a lot. though its nowhere near where i would like it to be, its closer. haha :)

    Also, i'd like to ask, what vocal mic would you recommend for recording vox? A condenser mic is a given, but not sure as to which one would be a good investment...
    Really great vox in your sig. any tips on how you get those lows? I've done some screams, and looked at various sources but it all seems fail for me and leaves me with this aching vocal chords. I know the whole "scream from the diaphram" thing and i've had a little success with that, but i'm still failing to get the ease of it, and do so without feeling hoarse for the rest of the day. any tips would be great man.

    BTW, Loomis 7 FTW
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