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  • hey Jake! As a Ibanez endorsee I hoped maybe you could tell me where I could get a spec sheet on a LACS I have? I have a silver ibanez 7 string with EMGs. Its suppossed to of belonged to Jesse Ketive formerly of Emmure. I can send pics too if needed. Thanks for your help. Your new stuff is amazing
    I'm kinda surprised you live in Frederick. Nothing cool happens here. Not trying to creep, I just find it awesome that two musicians from well established bands, you and anup from intervals, live in my home town. \m/ maybe I'll catchu at da Wawa. Lol
    Thanks again for having the whole band sign your amp head! :D
    After following you guys ever since Misha's first recording of "Inertia" back in '05, it was great to finally come out and see you guys and meet everyone!
    You guys put on an amazing show and you NAILED the Loomis solo in Racecar!
    Yo, I'm just stopping by to let you know i love the new tracks. Lemon Lime, Zu, and Citizen are pretty fucking awesome man. I got that stuff download and play it in my car all the time. I'd like to find a high quality download for "Distortion Corridor" if possible. Regardless, I'm gonna keep looking forward to hearing your new tunes man.
    Ahh Browne hates everyone and everything lol. Well i hope it heals up soon man, if not expect me to put a big in for that RGD of yours! :lol:
    Sup dude. Hows the finger holding out? I feel sorry for you having to put up with Browne in your home country as well. I can only imagine how bummed out about that you must be :lol:
    I didn't know you were on the forum Jake. I'm a fan of your electronic music, and i can't find anywhere to download or buy it. Can you direct me to where I may do that? Thank you

    Would you be willing to make another youtube play-along video for Not Enough Mana?
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