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  • hahah sweet, always down for small venues, they make for a good vibe! Plus we're halfway around the world so we'll be stoked with whoever turns out anyway!
    awesome! come and say hi man. It's my first time in america, I'm really looking forward to it!
    Does the RGA321 have any advantage over the 121 to you? I own a 121NTF and found a 321 for like 500$ more but it seems like the specs are the same besides the quilted maple
    You're kidding!! God some people are immature. Thank you man, I'll keep an eye on any possible negs on you as well.
    Cheers for the counter neg routine man. Dunno how that would make someone wanna call me a douche and neg rep me? Haha.
    Yeah he seems like a cool dude, sad that he's just not up to par as a tech though. He's a great salesman however. He was really awesome to deal with.
    Know his name? I've seen a larger bald man working on a few guitars in there, he seemed pretty cool. It's really hard to fuck up an EMG install, that's kinda sad that he failed miserably twice haha.
    Good to know, I'm glad I do all my own setups haha. It sucks that they don't have a solid tech on site, that could really rake them in absurd amounts of cash if they did. How'd he screw up the wiring?
    Yeah I've seen those, if I didn't despise the necks on them I'd be in heaven haha. I've noticed that :(. I don't wanna knock the store because everyone up there is really cool, they gave me an awesome trade in value for my Mesa, but the guitars....are just sad sometimes. They'd sell a lot more with a few good setups I'd say.
    I getcha, I would be too if I lived closer. I wish they'd get a 7 or two in too, I'm not optimistic enough to expect an 8 though haha. I saw the Prestiges, there's an orange one in there that would be fantastic if they set it up :p
    Gotcha haha, I was just asking because I've been up there a few times recently. Picked up a VHT there this week. It just would've been neat to see another SSOer up there. :p
    Just noticed your location in the Blackmachine thread. You live in Harrisburg eh? Were you the dude who works in GC up there?
    hey man, didn't mean to sound like a doucher on your thread. If so i apologize :hug:
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