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SS.org Regular, from Russian Federation, Kostroma

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Aug 3, 2018
    1. drpepper
      -Guitar shipped plain in case with no protection or packaging
      -Condition worse than described ("7/10" was more like 5/10- bad cracks that weren't advertised)
      -Badly squeeling electronics
      -described as "brand new frets" - dead frets all over the neck, literally unplayable.

      Sorry but bad experience with this seller. he told all these problems must have happened during shipping because it was fine when he shipped it.
      1. drpepper
        (wouldn't fit due to character limit)
        - multiple fine tuners on bridge broken\not working and needed to be replaced also
        Apr 2, 2018
    2. moonslammer
      Hi, great seller! great deal.. the guitar showed up super fast in as good or maybe better condition than described...the best!!
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