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  • siiick, sorry for the late listen, been having audio issues, definitely diggin this track tho man!
    Yeah it was pretty painful being away for so long. Will try to not let that happen again me thinks!
    Had to comment about something. In the Schecter 8 string w/ Floyd Rose thread, you said that you'd got an 8 string, it would be that, but without the floyd. Well why don't you get the one without the floyd on it that they've had out since 2008? :)

    Hellraiser C-8 - Schecter Guitar Research
    Hey man! Thought I'd give you a PM about your comment.

    The whole video cost us $1,500. That included: the camera guy and set.

    If you guys are serious I recommend checking these guys out ApocoreTV Entertaiment | "Music Never Looks So Good"
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