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Aug 18, 2017
Sep 15, 2011
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December 24
Cleveland, OH

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Into Obsidian

☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠, from Cleveland, OH

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Aug 18, 2017
    1. Beowulf Von Thrashmeister
      Beowulf Von Thrashmeister
      Happy New Year !!!. :)
    2. Blasphemer
      Hey, man. There's a kickstarter for the new CTS shirts. Check it out! Capture the Sun shirt Preorder by Capture the Sun — Kickstarter
    3. decypher
      He's an amazing singer, as soon as I heard him sing the Crimson Glory stuff (Transcendance is genius) I thought he's good. Then I heard him with Rising West, he was a great Tate-Emulator, but to be honest, I think both bands would be better off with a singer who has his own identity, instead of trying to copy the voices of either. he has the talent, I hope both bands realize that and take advantage of that instead of trying to relive old times over and over again. Another thought: Both bands style of prog metal is outdated, I doubt that a good singer will change that. Fates Warning moved on, QR & CG haven't, so far. It will be interesting.....
    4. decypher
      I'm on my way there myself, wine, vodka and eternal happiness... and some Queensryche shitstorms :-D
    5. decypher
      mmmmmmental vortex
    6. SenorDingDong
      Ahahaha, none of them sucked, I promise. Atheist is one of my favorite extreme metal bands, and I've just grabbed a couple Morbid Angel albums, but the other three are new to me and they fucking kick ass bro :metal:
    7. HK_Derek
      Thanks, Clayton! Much appreciated!
    8. Sebastian
    9. groovemasta
      haha no problem i just noticed and thought it was worth pointing out :lol:
    10. Chromaticity
      Actually, my father gave me that Obliveon hoodie when I was 12. He got it way back when his band played with Obliveon back in the days.
    11. groovemasta
    12. Sebastian
    13. Sebastian
      Great guitars indeed! I love my Jackson COW7!
    14. Sebastian
      Holy damn! you too have a Desert Camo COW7? Man that's awesome!
    15. Sebastian
      Thank You good Sir! hopefully I'll finish a new figure this week, so stay tuned :)
    16. Alimination
      Domination while listening to Coroner, Forbidden, CoC, & Atheist ! haha

      Oh and thanks man appreciate it! I know it's more then enough for an amazing gig but I just can't help but continue to GAS for more. =/
    17. Alimination
      Had to add you, you have amazing taste in music man. :)
    18. SenorDingDong
      Thanks man, it's all solved now, I just had to change some account names and it was pretty easy to blow over :yesway:
    19. SenorDingDong
      Hah, I had to change my name due to some privacy issues... and who doesn't love the Simpsons?
    20. LOSTxxTHExxGAME
      i do not know many songs like captain midnight but i know of his experimental bands like
      Mr. Bungle - The Air-conditioned Nightmare (with lyrics) - YouTube

      Peeping Tom - We're Not Alone - YouTube

      Tomahawk - Mike Patton - God Hates A Coward - YouTube
      and his solo album 'adult themes for voices' witch is the most bizarre cd i have heard
      mike patton - torturing rambo - YouTube
      if i had to make a cd this is what i would do
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