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Mar 26, 2013
Aug 20, 2006
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Derby, UK
bugger all, I'm a student

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Dog says yes ^.^ Yes, from Derby, UK

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Mar 26, 2013
    1. Riffer
      I'll look around and see what I can find man. I'll keep you posted and thanks for the compliment on my employee guitar!
    2. InTheRavensName
      Hah, maybe not...

      I'm in a band called In The Ravens Name, kinda doomy old metal, think a cross between Ghost, Old Venom, Early Helloween...something around there. We'll probably be back gigging next month or so.

      Your Jaden Rose is incredible by the way man, if only I had £2200 or so :'D
    3. liamliam666
      hey dude, nah im not in about yourself? kind of need to get a better rig together before i join a band. only running a blackstar ht-5 atm, i doubt that would cut through a live mix.
    4. Lenanshee
      pot kettle black
    5. Lenanshee
      efg hehehe
    6. sPliNtEr_777
      Ssup. Thanks for showin me that Moser V of yours. I'm very interested. Can you send me some proper specs and idea of what sort of price u want? Btw dont leave out any gory details. If they're's a geet huge chunk out the back, I wanna know. Also an honest opinion of its personality would be excellent, Thanks man, Alex
    7. OrsusMetal
      Agreed. I really hope the new album will be finished this year. It's been so long since he's released any new material, and the wait is killing me. I know it'll be worth it though. When I finally get my hands on that new album, I will probably have a heart attack....a sweet, sweet heart attack. :)

      Did you get to hear his guest work on the Nuclear Blast all-stars cd?
    8. OrsusMetal
      Haha. :lol: In the words of InTheRavensName, "Great minds think alike."

      The Death and the Healing solo is probably my favorite. The way the solo changes the mood of the song is unbelievable. And it's instantaneous too.
    9. OrsusMetal
      I try too. Emphasis on try. :lol: Really, the only one I can pull off close to his precision and amazingness is 'Beyond the Dark Sun'. I'm still trying with 'Death and the Healing', but some of those alt. picking parts are so hard to get clean. He's so godly.

      I'm really looking forward to the new album. His music is really the only thing I can listen to over and over and not get tired of.
    10. OrsusMetal
      Very true. :metal: Do you shred on any Wintersun tunes?
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    Derby, UK
    bugger all, I'm a student
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    666 strings only
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    Death Knell
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    BC Rich Gunslinger Retro (Yellow)
    BC Rich Gunslinger Retro (Neon Green)
    Digitech GNX3000
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    Feb '09 iMac + Garageband
    "If James May wouldn't, I'll be damned if I will"

    ...shred and vikings...and nazis


    Sabaton :agreed: