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  • Area51customs: For Sale Square neck joint 7 Strings Saw you were looking for one of these.

    For sure, the reverse applies as well! I have set aside some cash for buying a LACS so i need my RGD or caparison sold by sunday for this to happen :lol:

    My old teacher is picking up the AFXII tmr as well...
    If you end up with it, you should post the NGD with a screencap of me telling you about it so I can cry myself to sleep.
    Thanks for the PK magnet info, though I'm also not a huge fan of the cover, just after a regular bobbin HD. Cheers, Nick.
    Hey bro, no, I got it from a private guy. It is going to be around for awhile I think! There are some nice ones on eBay though!
    that would be perfect, fedex usually treats things nicer than ups in my experience. should get here pretty quick, not much distance between us.
    I've got to head to work right now, so if you want to text me so we can figure out the whole paypal thing, go ahead and do that. You've got my # from a previous pm!
    duude sick 7620, figured I'd post here to leave chit chat out of your thread. Only thing I wouldn't prefer is the refinished neck. I would be all over it if I didn't just pick one up like two weeks ago.
    Dude, I am in AWE of your Bernie Rico your selling.
    That thing is amazing! How much does a model like that run?
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