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May 23, 2008
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syncopAZN, from Milwaukee

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Jan 25, 2020 at 8:34 PM
    1. skeels
      Actually at my new place. Almost anywhere in the city you're right up on your neighbors! I used to live in Bay View and have some friends there. Used to watch the fireworks from South Shore Park. Great view, no crowds... You a lifer or a transplant?
    2. skeels
      Hey Mic - I was living in Riverwest but I have just moved to the near Wauwatosa area.
    3. starslight
      ATDI username high-five.
    4. DANiMALxMD
      yessirrrr, wat ap.
    5. NickS
      I love your username and avatar!! I've meant to comment on it before, but I always forget. AtDI is one of my all time favorites! I assume the answer is yes, but have you heard the Grand Royal re-release of Relationship of Command with the two extra tracks? They are some of my favorite AtDI songs.
    6. skeels
      Hey Man- Milwaukee in the House! I just ran acrsoss your mockups threads and wanted to shoot you a message. I've started building guitars and have been thinking about a Tele 7. Maybe with a Floyd. Maybe a Les Paul too. I was thinking maybe you could help me mock something up? Shoot me a PM. We could get together and have coffee and shit. Or something.
    7. JosephAOI
      Hey man, I saw that thread with your mockups of those teles and strats and I was wondering if you wouldn't mind making me a mockup or two? :wub:
    8. unclejemima218
      nice to see another Milwaukeean around, a bunch of my buddies go to MIAD and I go to MATC downtown!
    9. beans
      i hear youve got a buttersnips tab. mind sending?
    10. -Nolly-
      I'll try and get something done for you dude, but the second half is pretty much free-time, so it won't be that fun to transcribe accurately!
    11. phantom911
      I was looking into goin' myself, tuition does seem pretty steep though
    12. phantom911
      Do you like goin' to MIAD?
    13. Joeywilson
      ahhh that sucks

      take it easy dude!
    14. Joeywilson
      hey dude, any vids/clips of you playing that gorgeous kit?
    15. Harry
      Just have to say, I approve of your username.
      At the Drive In for the fucking win:hbang:
    16. lobee
      Yep, I'm up in Port Washington. I read somewhere you're in Bayview? My grandma lives there, right off of Kinnickinnic on Rusk Ave. Every time I vist with the family I see like 5 guitar shops on KK and I always want to stop, but we never do.
    17. marb solomkon
    18. ellengtrgrl
      I got your message (that you also live in the Milwaukee metro area). VERY cool! It's too bad that the local area has jack for 7 & 8-string stuff.
    19. arnoroth661
      Dallas, eh? welcome to the forum
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    Real Name:
    Forest Moon
    Sevenstring Guitars:
    None right now
    Other Guitars:
    Ibanez RGA121VLF, RGA121CDR, Talman TM1702AHM, AXS32DRF
    Mesa Boogie Mark V 35, Yamaha THR10
    Effects & Pedals:
    Ibanez TS Mini, Xotic SP Compressor, Friedman BE-OD, Mooer Noise Killer, TC Electronic Polytune II, HoF mini, Flashback mini, and Ditto
    Cabinets / Monitors:
    Avatar Signature 212 w/ V30s, Yamaha HS5s
    Studio & Recording Gear:
    Suhr Reactive Load, Focusrite Scarlett 2i4, Alesis Micron


    "Wow that tone is SICK! What amp is that?"
    "It's a Pod"
    "Oh... Yeah, you can tell it's not all there, get a real amp, dude"
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