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  • I'm graduating this December. Then follows the long 4 years of apprenticeship until I'm get my professional license.
    I'm excited to get this started, If we could push for hard cases that would be sweet, my two so far only just fit 25.5"ers :lol:

    Probably just the usual, tuners, bridge, pickguard and new pups. May even refinish it, i've been digging the idea of a bright guitar lately.
    I made a post On that sydney erg facebook group to try gather of there's much interest, so I think we should look for 10-20? And go to them once we have that many, seems reasonable for them to make the effort to get a good deal going.
    I think it would be good if we could try and get an early Pre-order/discount run through these guys, at a 3-4 month wait the import from a us dealer would probably take 3-4 to co-ordinate anyways.
    One on eBay as of now and they wont ship internationally. I wonder what the possibility of a bulk import would be, quite a few aussie members on here who i'm sure would throw down some cash for one.
    Gah, that's just about right for Australia :(

    I'll try calling up/facebooking them again just to remind them, and of not then hopefully some ebay dealers will ship relatively cheap.
    Well I really liked it :lol:

    I need to get back to recording as well, I scrapped a whole lotta things last month and decided to start a new, and haven't really made any progress.

    Bummer, im excited for the headless run to start. Hopefully he gets back to work soon haha, Still waiting to see some pics.
    Hey dude, hows the 9 coming along? You're new song on soundcloud is awesome as well :yesway:
    Sounds good. Tom just got the burl today, and he's sawing it soon (tomorrow I think he said?)
    What are the specs for the bass? Anything crazy?
    It's a brilliant unit. The magnetic hex pickup by Roland is apparently far inferior to using piezos, which I can imagine given they receive such a clear signal. Even still, the tracking is pretty damn good. The combination of piezos and an Axon would be fantastic! Really enjoying using it to compose and play various parts on synth/orchestral instruments as I'm awful at keyboard haha
    Hey mate - thanks for the heads up! I actually manged to grab two 50's some months ago now :) Got my Ibanez hooked up to one with a GK-3 already!
    Nope! You want it? I don't think anyone else has claimed it. Right now I'm trying to decide on the other woods for the build. I wanted to do an ebony body and a bloodwood neck, but the ebony is just too expensive for a whole body. So I'm thinking bloodwood for the body, and then something else unique for the neck.
    Yeah Tom hasn't started it yet. I'm waiting for Eric to finalize the design. I hope to have it soon, though! I also ordered one of the headless run guitars, but had to go custom to get it in 9 strings. I'm not actually getting a headless 8. How about you?
    Do it. You'll be guaranteed a place in the job market, and that's a certainty.

    At least based on the results I see in hire-ees on my campus.
    "Microtonal music is really what I was getting at, it's a hugely unexplored field." I'm glad I wasn't the only one chuckling at that! :lol:
    Awesome Music, Man!

    Reminds me of 90s horror/rpg video games, they always managed to get that cool eerie vibe going in parts.
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