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  • I had a jigsaw at first and didn't get a bandsaw until after a couple of guitars. I want deny that a bandsaw is better suited for the job, but you definitely can pull it out with a jigsaw! It's gonna be a bit slow and be sure to stay way out of the pencil mark because the blade tends to wander a lot on the other side.
    A router is the absolute necessary tool and of course a good drill (or better a drill press). You can plane the wood blanks with a DIY router jig or with a hand plane, so there's no need to rush and get a planner/thicknesser in the beginning. All the other stuff is mainly hand tools which you may already have and of course some specialized luthiery tools (nut files, radius blocks, etc.). With a bit of patience you can build a guitar with minimal tools. Once you get hooked you can get the good stuff :)
    kewl, thanx bro. I've been studying everything I can find on the subject for quite a while now, and I'm about to go out and buy the tools I need. For right now, I'm going to have to go kinda cheap (i.e. jigsaw instead of bandsaw... stuff like that), but I was wondering...when I do have the money for the good stuff, what would you say is absolutely essential as far as building tools? Thanx for the "friend" add, by the way. You're actually the first person on the forums that has talked to Okay, I'll talk to ya L8rs :)
    Wow man! just got finished looking at your website. Those are some freakin beautiful guitars. I love that transparent black 7-string.
    I was wondering... was it incredibly difficult to build your first one? I only ask because I'm about to begin my first build, and I was wondering if you had any advice for me. Anyway... See ya around :)
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