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  • Stop: Read date on last post in thread: If date is more than 2 months old DO NOT BUMP:

    Look at the date please.
    ughh 7 string would sound sure you guys could pull off the guys better stop of in Vancouver id be at that show for sure :lol: who are you touring with...and canada is actually boiling hot for recovering from a terrible sun burn :noplease: i would want to go to toronto to go to much music to laugh at all the wanksters :lol: and get them to listen to real music
    Haha not to sound corny but :noplease: amazing i love your band..i must admit you guys are one of my good working my ass of to save for a new shit line 6 amp isnt cutting it anymore..hows life with the band?
    oh shit i didnt realize YOU WERE IN here comes the kraken. me and all my friends and my dad love you guys. dont fail me darko!
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