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Aug 17, 2019
    1. ihave27frets
      Not sure of the actual output. Its a Dimarzio virtual vintage stacked single. the specs are probably on Dimarzio's site. And no blend knob, just a single volume with a pull/push pot.
    2. bobbytouche
      What's the output in the neck pup on the Bengal? And is that a blend knob?!?
    3. Blindedbyfear
      I'm sure you've heard this one before, but what are you doing now that you left The Absence? If it's been answered elsewhere, then my bad. haha. You're guitar work has always been some of my favorite work, I'd like to keep up with where your going.
    4. thrashcomics
      ok cool. im looking for a new amp and i can get a good deal on an avenger.
    5. ihave27frets
      The Avenger was used for the doubled rhythm tracks along side the Suhr PT100. All leads were PT100.
    6. thrashcomics
      Hey pete, i cant find the thread where you talked about what amps you used on enemy unbound. Was the avenger for leads or rhythm?
    7. Church2224
      Hey Peter thanks for the add! Big fan of the Absence, your playing, and Suhr guitars!
    8. Dan
      Any updates on what color purple you have chosen then? :lol:
    9. ihave27frets
      Thanks, I did it myself.
    10. 0 Xero 0
      0 Xero 0
      Hey, I saw that Soldano Avenger head that you sold and was wondering where you got that shell covering done. That is one of the coolest heads I've ever seen. Thanks!
    11. ihave27frets
      Thanks man! That means a lot!
    12. thrashcomics
      Thanks for playing suhr! you inspired me to get mine and i love it.
    13. ihave27frets
      Na, its totally true.. I even think there are some pics of it on one of our pages. basically the whole back end of our van was getting ripped off as we drove. we had to get it welded 2 different times on that 6 day tour... it sucked.

      Sorry we didnt make it out :( we'll be back out that way with Firewind in November, hope to see you then.
    14. cwhitey2
      random question, but when you were on tour with goatwhore did your van break down...cause i went to see you guys (you were the only band i wanted to see) and the venue (Eleanor Rigby's in Jermyn, PA) said you had transportation troubles and couldn't make it, i just checking with you cause i figured they just lied about the set list to bring ppl...and they prolly didn't have enough money to pay you lol
    15. Guitar Nymph
      Guitar Nymph
    16. ihave27frets
      Thanks! Yes, the official release date is September 14th.
    17. Scar Symmetry
      Scar Symmetry
      Yo dude, is the new Absence album still going ahead?

      Would love to get my hands on it.

      Hope your drummer has a speedy recovery.
    18. ihave27frets
    19. ittoa666
      Just read the news about Justin. Best wishes to him man.
    20. Mikilangelop
      Hey Peter! Do you still play through the makos? If so, how do you like them? I'm looking for a good amp, but I'm having trouble finding one that will make my sound unique. Any tips?
      P.S. You guys should come to Erie, PA. :agreed:
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    Professional musician
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    Peter Joseph
    I play guitar...yep, that pretty much sums it up.

    Music, German cars, brown things
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