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  • DJPharaoh,

    Listen, I'm not sure what your particular issue is, but the fact of the matter is that I was VERY up front in my original post that I had searched the SITE for the info. Typing "bfr guitar" into the search engine for the site yields exactly 116 hits, all of which state that "I want a BFR" or something of that ilk. I'm sorry if I somehow personally offended you because I tried to find the info on the site that was referencing the acronym. tends to use a plethora of acronyms that are relevant only to those that spend every waking minute on the site. I don't. I apologize for not doing you the courtesy of looking outside the context of the site for the info. The fact of the matter is that your response was juvenile and not helpful, though you were hardly alone. A simple rebuke to just "Please use Google and don't rely on the site search engine alone... bte it stands for Ball Family Reserve" would have been short, courteous and to the point. The other anonymous douchebags who gave me negative rep for my thread and responded in thread itself are more representative of the 13-year old mentality that inhabits the site more and more. I felt the negative rep was justified for you given that you are a site moderator and should set a better example. If you feel I was in error, so be it. You're the mod. You have the power and the means to make sure I don't err again. I will be sure to search via Google the next time I have a terminology question, so I guess the end justified your means.

    If you had been smart enough to type "BFR guitar" instead of just the 3-letter acronym you would have seen it in the first 10 responses to said search. Don't know how you've been a member on here for almost 5 years and didn't know that.

    Appreciate the neg rep :noway:
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